Kumbal Appam/Cone Cake {Recipe}

Kumbilappam, Chakka Kumbilappam, Theraliyappam or whatever other name it maybe known by, the Kumble Appam is a seasonal authentic dish of Kerala.10176217_10152084287337984_8510283316709792725_n
Kumbil Appam literally means “cone cakes”.
The cones are made with the leaves of the plant called ‘Vazhana’ or ‘Edana’ in Malayalam, and is Cinnamomum Tamala also known as Cinnamomum Tejpata .
In the ancient classical and medieval texts, this leaf is believed to have been referred to as Malabathrum, from which a fragrant oil was prepared.
In ancient Greece and Rome these leaves where read to have been used to prepare an expensive fragrant oil.
As the flavors of jack fruit and the fragrance of the edana leaves blend, sending your taste buds on a tap dancing spree, you will find yourself asking for more and more and more…


Rice flour-a couple of spoons…just enough to bind the mixture.
Sugar/Jaggery-100 gms or as required.
Grated fresh coconut-100gms.
Cardamom-7 pods
Edana/Vazhana Leaves(Cinnamomum tamala)

Cook diced jackfruit pieces, coconut, sugar and cardamom with just a sprinkle of water.
Mix this with just sufficient rice flour to bind the whole mixture into a dough.

Make cones with the edana leaves and fill them with balls of dough.

Steam cook until done(about 10-15 min.), depending on the size of the cone

– Courtesy Ros Ruby John

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