Paradise Biryani in Bangalore: Offering Twist

Hyderabad’s famous Paradise biryani established in 1953 in Hyderabad has been around in Bengaluru for a couple of years now. In a possible marketing strategy, the management of Paradise biryani has decided to focus on different types of biryanis every year and introduce them to the diners for limited periods. This year it is the Zafrani Hyderabadi Biryani in mutton and chicken. Chef Vijay Bakshi and his team have researched and tested the famed recipe of the Nawabs of Hyderabad for six months and when happy with the final dish, had introduced it to the media and food bloggers on 22nd Feb, 2017.

Did it pass the litmus test ? Yeah, like hell it did!! If you like your biryani spicy, you will love this new offering from Paradise. The finest basmati, select pieces of meat marinated in freshly ground spices, generous amounts of the exquisite (expensive) saffron made their way to becoming a very flavoursome, fluffy biryani emanating a wonderful aroma of the concoted spices. The mutton was tender and well marinated. I am not a chicken biriyani fan but the Zafrani Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani was very good. The spices had permeated into the chicken pieces and hence the dish was a good marriage between the rice and meat.

If one is in the mood for a tasty, spicy biryani, I would strongly recommend heading to your nearest Paradise outlet right away as the Zafrani Biriyani is available only till 31st March.

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