Yauatcha Bangalore: Anniversary Edition Menu

P_20151104_212549_1Having reached the venue famished, Yauatcha anniversary dinner seemed like a dream come true. Right from the soft delectable melt-in-your-mouth dimsum to the tall glass of red dragon cocktail, everything felt like a dream. While the waiters fussed around us and made us feel like kings and queens, I quickly scanned the restaurant. With an open kitchen, overhanging lights and glass walls, Yauatcha lives up to its name of being a Michelin-starred contemporary Chinese dim sum tea house. It was started in London and now, has quite a number of branches across India, including Bangalore. 

On a relatively cold Bangalore night, the place was teeming with families as well as business associates and of course us- the foodies. On being seated, while our red dragon cocktail was being poured, we welcomed the sight of assorted steamy dim sum. Made in various colours the baby corn and French bean dumpling, spicy turnip dumpling and vegetable chow chow dumplings were the perfect appetizers. They were soft, cooked to perfection and with the sauce tasted tangy, sweet and spicy.

Next came the soup, closely followed by fried rice, Kung pao chicken, stir fried beans and Mabo tofu. The soup was rich and thick and tasted especially good after the dim sums. My only problem with soups are that they leave me full after which one doesn’t have the inclination to eat what they really want to. But the soup served in Yauatcha was an exception as it cleared the palate and left a refreshing feel without making me full.

The clear winner of the evening was the stir fried beans and the Kung Pao chicken. The beans were not only beautiful to eat, but they were beautiful to look at too. The bright green colour mixed with the nuts was an absolute photographer’s delight. They were crunchy and deliciously sticky. The rice was light and fluffy and was a good companion to the main menu.

As I previously mentioned, the star of the evening was the Kung Pao chicken. With different coloured bell peppers the boneless chicken was soft and tangy. Not to forget the Mabo tofu and Hofan noodle were spectacular and left me with the feeling that I must visit this place again.

Last but not the least for desserts we were served the Champagne cherry macaroons. This was the first time that I had them and I was totally hooked to the crunchy with creamy filling pieces of heaven. Pink in colour and with ample sprinklers on the top the macaroons were a perfect end to a perfect evening.

This menu is available till 30th November, 2015



Assorted dim sum basket

(baby corn & French bean dumpling, spicy turnip dumpling,

vegetable orange dumpling, vegetable chow chow dumpling)



Assorted dim sum basket

(XO dumpling, pepper dumpling, chicken dumpling, chicken

celery dumpling)


Red Dragon 795


Champagne cherry 225



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