Fish Moilee {Recipe}

Fish Moilee maybe one of the true blue Kerala dishes that became “famous”!! It is perhaps the delicate flavours of the coconut milk and the spices. Or perhaps it is the wholesome fresh feel. 1484646_10152084282172984_6405144903887700562_n
Fish is slow stewed in coconut milk with very mild spices which goes perfect with Idiappams, Appams, bread and chappathis, and even with white rice… This is definitely a must try!


½ kg Fish ( preferably King Fish, Pomfret or Karimeen )
Ginger & Garlic – 1 ½ tbsp each
Green chilli – 3 – 4
Dried Red Chilli deseeded- 3 – 4
Shallots– 6
Onion – 2-3 medium
Tomato -3
Cardamom – 5
Cloves – 5
Cinnamon – 1 medium stick
Medium Coconut milk – 2 cups
Thick Coconut milk – ½ cup
Vineger- 1 table spoon
Salt to taste
Oil, Curry leaves as required
For Marinating
Pepper powder – 1-2 teaspoon
Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon
Lemon juice – 3/4 teaspoon


Marinate the fish pieces with pepper powder, turmeric powder, salt & lemon juice. Keep it for an hour. Shallow fry the marinated fish for few minutes.
Cut ginger, chillis and garlic into thin juliennes. Slice onion into long pieces.
Heat oil in a pan. Add cardamom, cinnamon & cloves. Add julienned ginger, garlic & chillies. Add Sliced onions. Sauté till the onion becomes soft add medium coconut milk. Add the vinegar. Let it boil. Add the fried fish pieces & add salt.

When the gravy becomes little thick, add tomatoes & curry leaves. Once the tomatoes are cooked add thick coconut milk & just heat it, and serve hot.

– Courtesy Sumod Tom

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