Eddie’s Kitchen, Camp, Pune : Value for Money…… Indeed!!

AmbienceSome restaurants have wonderful memories attached to them. For me, Eddie’s Kitchen is one such place. I remember going to this small Chinese eatery way back in the 90’s. However, for some reason it was shut down for a long time to open under new management a couple of years ago. I have been to this restaurant umpteen number of times and it has never disappointed me which is why I thought it was only right that I give them the review they deserve.

Chicken Lollypops
Chicken Lollypops

We usually stick to starters and skip the main course when we visit this restaurant and this time was no different. We ordered Butter Garlic Prawns (Rs 250), Indonesian Sam Bal Prawns (Rs 250) and Chicken Lollypop (Rs 200). They serve eight good sized prawns in each dish. The Butter Garlic prawns are just that, buttery and garlicky. The Indonesian Sam Bal prawns are fiery but delicious. What I applaud most, though, is that the prawns are never over cooked. To me prawns cooked to perfection are a gastronomic delight equal to none! The chicken lollypops are an old favorite. They serve huge lollypops, not the teeny-weeny ones, and they are always juicy, perfectly cooked and served with a spicy-tangy Schezwan sauce. I always request for a wee bit of sweet-chili sauce and they are always kind enough to oblige.

Indonesian Sam Bal PrawnsThe waiters are polite and eager to serve you. They make the effort to remember I need a knife and fork when I eat (instead of a fork and spoon) and they usually place it at my table without having to ask them. To me that is good service, no, let me correct that; that is great service and more so, because it is all done with a smile! This makes the whole dining experience a pleasurable one.

The few times that I have had their main course, I have never had any complaints.  I do have two suggestions though in regard to their fried rice. They need to dump the short grain and opt for good quality long grain rice even though it may be a tad expensive. They also need to put in the insect machine to get rid of the occasional house-fly visits to the table.

Butter Garlic PrawnsIf you’re rushed and want a quick VFM Chinese lunch or a dinner, walk into Eddie’s Kitchen. It’s a no frills restaurant serving very decent Chinese meals. You also don’t risk a gaping hole in your pocket when they give you the bill.

Ratings out of 5

Food: 4 | Ambiance: 2.5  | Service: 4 | Overall: 3.5

Meal for Two: Rs. 900 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes|

Timing: 11.30am to 3.30pm & 7pm to 11.30pm| Wheelchair access : No

Address: 1, Shirin Apartments, 928, Opp Geeta Society, Synagogue Street, Camp, Pune 411001

Telephone : 02026135204 / 02064169210

This is an anonymous review with the meal paid for by the author.

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