Indian Food Freak (IFF) is a tribe of those who love food. is the leading Indian restaurant review website with many tried, tested and tasted recipes and food columns. Our facebook groups and pages have a loyal following of over 20,000 of the most ardent foodies, from all corners of India, small towns and metros alike. This makes us the largest and only national community which is increasingly becoming popular with Indians and Indian food lovers all over the world, ranging from Northern America to Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

India is a country where people love their food and the amount of variety it offers is unbelievable. Despite this fact, there is no source of authentic and trusted information on eateries. Indian Food Freak has taken the onus to share transparent, candid and trustworthy information to its readers through its editorial reviews with help from industry experts and food enthusiasts. We do not give any special preference to 5-Star restaurants nor are shy towards road side eateries.

Indian Food Freak is a not-for-profit operation. It is a result of the passion of many committed food lovers. Any profits made by us are donated to further the cause of promoting and show-casing the depth and diversity of the unique cuisine of the Indian sub-continent.

‘IFF cares’ is our volunteer group that has recently been set up to create opportunities for the artistes who specialize in ethnic Indian cuisines to show-case their work and promote a part of our heritage.

All food freaks are welcomed in IFF. English is the official language which can be understood by all foodies all over India and outside.  As a tribe, we do not allow any crass commercial messaging, nor do we approve of any discourteous behavior or any attempt to spread negativity in the group. We do not allow publishing of photos that have not been clicked by the members themselves, or the ones that are not connected to food.

IFF respects all cuisines, however bizarre it may appear to some members. So any negative comment regarding any cuisine of India is to be strictly avoided. Respecting some members’ sensibilities, we do not allow photographs of live animals or animal parts. Also, respecting all dog lovers, any reference to dog meat is to be avoided.

What we love is the passion our tribe has in food. Bite right in.

Our groups on Facebook are:

Indian Food Freak

Gurgaon Food Freak

Mumbai Food Freak

Gurgaon Wine Club

Indian Food Bloggers Network

Food Walks:

IFF organises several food walks in Delhi and around with other food freaks. All of us go out together, eat at some of the best outlets in that area and pay for the meal. The total cost is equally divided amongst members and any money leftover is either refunded or if it is a small amount, given as charity.

Group eating:

In this concept we create a special menu for the day at a leading restaurant. Foodies from that area are invited and we go out together. Here again the pricing is a major attraction and no money is retained as profit. Some of our recent Group eating was at: Hachi-Ba, Flavors of Arabia, Bernardo’s and Wokamama


Members regularly meet at one of the members place and bring some of the dishes they learnt from each other on the facebook group.

Why is IFF relevant to you?

With our carefully segmented groups on facebook and the reach of our website we are relevant to anyone in hospitality industry wanting to reach out and understand consumer’s psyche.

With our not-for-profit status, we can be a part of any big company’s corporate social responsibility program and can also help restaurants design new menu, help in food production and help in research in exploring untapped market potential. We also help restaurants in designing and implementing mystery audits and social marketing through various channels.

Media Coverage

IFF has been covered by leading publications and dailies several times in the past. Some of the write-ups can be found below.

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