Ari Pathiri/Roasted Rice flour Flat bread {Recipe}

Ari Pathiri  is a favourite among Kerala Muslims and is prepared and served on special occasions, like marriages, Iftar or during the month of Ramadan. 10176227_10152086254687984_6572626136105916829_nIts known under various names, aripathir, ari pathil or pathil in some parts of the Malabar region. It has various varieties like Neipathiri, Erachi pathiri, Poricha pathiri, etc. It is served with freshly extracted coconut milk dip and curry

Ingredients : 
Pathiri Podi /Roasted Rice flour : 2 cups
Water : 3 cups
Salt to taste
Sieve the roasted rice powder/pathiri podi using a fine mesh.
Boil the water in a large heavy bottom pan. Add salt and simmer.

Slowly add the rice powder and mix slowly, keep mixing for few minutes till its almost like dough . Take care not to burn it. Take out the dough, knead well with both hands.

If you feel you need more water, just wet your palm with water and keep kneading.

The more you knead the softer the pathiri will be, and its better you do it at a stretch.

Make lemon sized balls, press gently between your palms. If you have a chappathi press, press it till you get a thin round pathiri. You can roll out with a chapathi pin as well. Just dust the pressed pathiri in fine rice powder, and dust out the excess powder.

Heat a tava at medium heat. Place each pathiri on the hot tava, rotate in between, and when you see it fluffing up flip it and cook again. Gently press using a spoon, this will enable the pathiri to fluff up as a single bubble. Take off when cooked, it shouldn’t brown. Keep cleaning the thava of any excess rice powder, before you put the next pathiri.
To make the coconut milk dip, extract thick coconut milk. Heat 1 table spoon coconut oil in a tava. Add slice shallots and curry leaves. When the shallots are brown pour the coconut milk and take off from flame. Add salt to taste.
Serve hot pathiri with meat, egg or vegetable curry of your choice. Just before serving dip pathiri in the coconut milk for few seconds.

– Courtesy Jisna Asaf

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