The Big F stands for The Big FOODIE and a FREAK, one who lives to eat.

The Big F Awards will be celebrating the experiences of eating out and cooking in! (Food Lovers). We will be saluting those who raise the standards in the culinary field! (Food Creators). And we will also be recognising the unsung marketeers who create big brands, all behind the scenes (Marketing/Communications)

The Big F Awards are now in their 5th year. Below are the Youtube link for a glimpse of last 3 years.

The Big F Awards (2017)

The Big F Awards (2016)

The Big F Awards (2015)

The Jury of 2018

The strong jury will ensure the most transparent and honest awards apart from helping with their skill set to find the most deserving winner.

The Big F Awards: Methodology

In the first stage, candidates will be invited to fill-up nomination forms put up in the Big F Awards micro site.

The deadline for entries will be 5th Jun ’18.

From the complete list of entries received, the jury will shortlist up to 10 contenders for each category. These 10 contenders will go through an online public voting. Amongst these the list of top 5 will be announced on 15th Aug’18 and they will be invited for a gala evening at The Westin Gurgaon on 5th September’18 where People’s award and Jury award shall be given to the final winners. Jury will also visit the contenders to decide on the jury award.

The awards will be given in two categories:

Popular Choice

– The nominated contenders will be put up on our web site, Indian Food Freak, as well as the FB group, Gurgaon Food Freak.
– For each category, general public will be invited to vote with only 1 vote allowed for every category.
– Any ties will remain so, and joint winners will be announced.
– The final winners will be vetted by the jury for the final selection.

Jury’s Choice

– Jury will select their own winners in each category, with each jury member having one vote.
– Any ties will be decided after debate and discussions. There may be a joint award in case of no decision

Award Ceremony

– Gala Award ceremony will be held at The Westin, Gurgaon on 5th September’18. Do Join us at Gurgaon Food Freak for regular updates on the awards and other interesting discussions.

Nominations are now over and public voting has started. To vote: