Mm! Maroosh at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai : Maroosh our tastebuds !

Hummus platterMaroosh : to fan charcoal (internet source)

My first shawarma was in 1999/2000 when I moved to Mumbai from a small town in Gujarat. Yes I know that’s really lacking in foodie-education, but let’s say I am a late bloomer.

It was one of those days when a sudden Mumbai Bandh was declared and most of the restaurants had closed their shutters down. The cooks in the hostel kitchen had gone absconding after breakfast lest the girls lynch them for food. Walking through an almost deserted Colaba Causeway in the afternoon; a rare sight indeed, my friends and I chanced upon this place at a corner. It had the most incongruous name for a joint selling shawarma, but we had it and I was hooked for life!!

Classic Chicken
Classic Chicken

Many years and many adventures later, having tasted them all, the Bangladeshi/Pakistani ones, the Arabic ones, the bland-to-suit-Foreign-palate ones, the Indian-twist ones, the fine-dine ones, the grab-as-you-go ones, I have come to realise that these are the safest food delivery order of all times, for me. It is like an unconscious go-to quick-fix lunch. I dare say I have even tried the DIY packs and the making from scratch too including making the tahini paste and pita breads myself.

Chicken Hummus salad
Chicken Hummus salad

So when Mm! Maroosh came up for review it was like just meeting an old friend and catching up rather than making a new acquaintance. We tried the Classic chicken shawarma (Rs. 145) and the Spicy chicken shawarma first. While the classic had the wholesome usual flavours, the spicy one had a load of green chillies and jalapeno probably to suit the extra spice craving. Then we tried the Chicken tikka shawarma (Rs. 145) which was full of spicy tandoori tikka flavours completely indianising the concept. Somewhat the sauces and the vegetables went very well and it came across as a distinctive flavour to try. The Baked Falafel for the vegetarian diet conscious patron felt a little dry. The patties inside needed a little more balance on their seasoning. But the must try is the Lamb shawarma (Rs. 190); chunky lightly spiced morsels of meat married with the vegetables and sauce was a delight. The Hummus platter (Rs. 140) comes with three different types of hummus, the usual garlic one, the dried tomato one and the basil and parsley one. Call me conservative but I liked the conventional garlic one the best. It was flavourful and light. The Grilled chicken hummus salad (Rs. 175) however was a mild disappointment. The chicken felt a little overdone and the dressing lacked the oomph.

Baked Falafel
Baked Falafel

While some new dishes have been added, they are the ones that other joints have come up too. There is not much of an innovation except the rebranding from Maroosh to Mm! Maroosh.  But otherwise it was a satisfying meal with enthusiastic staff and great company and total value for money. I did find a few points they could surely add a little zing. Like while the lettuce was fresh and the pickled vegetables added that crunch, I felt the need for that extra garlic yogurt dip one gets at other Shawarma joints. Also a dash of hummus to the Shawarma would add that extra dimension. Lastly, I know its monsoons and I know Mumbai rains bring out the flies, but for a food joint one expects it to be less infested. But it will remain my favourite home delivery take away for those quick lunch days.

Ratings out of 5

Food: 3 | Ambiance: 2 | Service: 3 | Overall: 3

Meal for Two: Rs. 500| Alcohol: No| Credit Card: No

Timing: 12 noon to 12 midnight

Address: 388, A Wing, Gagangiri Premises Co Operative Society, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Telephone : 022 26005584/26000025

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