Brix, DLF Cyber Park, Gurgaon

[Rated: 3.5/5]
Life at the minipolis of DLF Cyber Park can be daunting. It is good to note that eateries like Brix at Building 10B do add some flavor to it. This resto-bar, which essentially serves the eager beavers of the offices in the vicinity, can dish out good food.
The ambiance is inexplicably dark for Lunch time, but the cheeriness of the wait staff does compensate
for it. Brix is one of the rare restaurants where the staff is actually glad to see you, and is quick on their toes.
Now to the food. The Veg Tom Yum Soup (Rs 155) is fresh, tangy, spicy and yummy. The Crispy Corn Chilly Pepper (Rs 275) surprises with its crunch – achieved from dredging the corn in some corn flour and giving it a quick fry, and then seasoning it perfectly. It is recommended as a great accompaniment to the evening cocktails. However the Thai Som Tam Salad (Rs 175) misses the mark by not having any Thai-ness to its taste. The Caesar’s Chicken Salad (Rs 195) is fresh but boring.
Turning to the mains, the Chicken Tikka (Rs 275) is what you would expect it to be – no surprises here. The Exotic Vegetables in Chilly Basil (Rs 325) hits the spot with its delightful combination of fresh veggies, the hit of the chilly, and the aroma of the basil.
Some other mains, however, miss the mark. The Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter (Rs 425) has a serious OD of sourness. The Grilled Fish is marinated with lime, topped with a seriously potent lime sauce, and accompanied by veggies that are also bathed in lime. The end result may take care of one’s Vitamin C intake for the next three days, but a pleasant dish it certainly wasn’t. The Mixed Grill Platter (Rs 545) is too dry and somewhat rubbery. The Brix Mutton Curry (Rs 395) is heavy on the palate, which is a pity really, because it has the potential of being a tasty dish.

The eatery surprises again with its ooh-so-soft-and-yielding Chocolate Fondue (Rs 195). It is a simple dish – a chocolate ball accompanied by ice-cream. The magic begins when one digs a spoon into the fondue, when warm, gooey chocolate oozes out. You will love this dish, and the dish will love you back.

Meal for Two: Rs1200 (Without Alcohol) | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes| 
Address: Building 10B, DLF Cyber Park, Gurgaon | Phone: 0124-4366020 

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