Mojo, MG Road, Gurgaon

[Rated: 3/5]
You are likely to find LA Woman and lot more music from the eighties playing here. Mojo, the relaunched and revamped resto-pub at DLF City Centre is open again. This time, to cater to the older, less boisterous clientele with a higher propensity to spend.

The décor has gone through some changes, but retains the dance floor and the unintentional retro feel. The food is more varied and definitely better. There is an exhaustive range of Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean,
Continental, Mexican, Italian and Indian delicacies, with enough for every taste, both for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian eaters. The popular starters here are the Pomme Fries Platter (a collection of fried potato in various forms – how can anyone go wrong with that?), Chicken Lehsooni Tikka, Kakori Kabab, Mezze Platter, and Shish Touk.
The Kakori Kabab (Rs 350), not an easy dish to make is soft in texture but robust in its spicing, and goes well with a chilled glass of beer. The accompanying varqi parathas is flaky and a good accompaniment. The Shish Touk (Rs 325) is competent, as are the accompanying Hummous and Tuma. The Golden Fried Prawns (Rs 450) are as they should be. Crackling crisp on the outside and softly crunchy on the inside, accompanied by a tart and piquant chili sauce. A dish to love and a dish that will love you back.

Mojo offers an extensive range of main courses. Apparently, a spirited evening cannot be complete without some substantial comfort food. And there are some interesting options. The Chettinaad Chicken seems a bit of a lost soul somewhere between Chandigarh and Chinchpokli, but it is a tasty soul nevertheless. The Dal Mojo (Rs 275; creamy Black Urad) is comforting and filling. The accompanying naan and roomali are perfect accompaniments. The Spaghetti Bolognaise (Rs 325/375) is meaty and oily, but in a good way. However a little more of tomato in the sauce will certainly help here.
The desserts can be disappointing though. The brownie lacks a soul. The banana split may not be your idea of grand finale to a fun evening. A bit of Tiramisu or even Crème Brule could do well here.
All in all the team here will do well to sing “I got my mojo working”.

Meal for Two: Rs1200 (Without Alcohol) | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes|Address: DLF City Centre Mall, MG Road, Gurgaon | Phone: 0124-2575693

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