Canon EOS 200D: Picture Perfect

From the beginning of time, humans have captured in frame everything that they want to leave behind as evidence or memories. Over time cameras have changed forms, shapes and sizes but man’s need to capture memories hasn’t.

I often travel to exotic locales with my family and the best part is capturing the amazing memories made. I came across the Canon EOS 200D, its compact and sleek design is ideal to carry with you during vacations. For me, memories make up the vacation and not the location per se, as you can leave the location but you can never leave the memories behind.

When I see my daughter and wife being happy and enjoying themselves, I want to capture the moment and save it in my memory (not just the memory card!) and Canon EOS 200D helps me do exactly that, effortlessly.  The camera exemplifies the successful fusion of stylish form and superb functions in one.

Even though it’s a lightweight DSLR, it doesn’t disappoint on the image quality front. The image quality is superb, providing better image quality than a point and shoot cameras or phones. It is definitely a hit amongst those who want all the features of a DSLR but don’t want to carry all the cumbersome equipment.

The Canon EOS 200D had received a sensor upgrade and now comes with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor with Digic 7 processor. It has helped in maximizing ISO from 25600 to 51200. Even with 9 focusing points the focusing is quite fast, even in live view. With a 3 inch full touch screen along with Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth its super easy to get great shots and share them with everyone.

Another helpful element solving an issue most people face, the new battery effectively increases the number of photographs that can be taken to 650 and the video mode lets you capture seamlessly with a stereo microphone and 60fps shooting at 1080p. It can shoot time lapse videos like a pro or you can also use a wired/wireless remote or you’re your smartphone.

No vacation is ever over without that perfect selfie and while most smartphones are equipped to perform, Canon stepped it up with the 200D and provided a selfie mode to make sure your vacation selfie is the best! This camera is perfect for smartphone users as well as aspiring photography enthusiasts, catering to a wide array of users.

All in all, it’s a great camera which provides functionality and sleek style in one which helps you make great things, effortlessly!

PS: All these pictures are from my recent trip to beautiful Mauritius.

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