Radisson Blu MBD, Ludhiana: Unmatched Hospitality

Whenever I travel anywhere in India , I cannot stop appreciating our hospitality industry is in comparison to the rest of the world. However my last visit to Radisson Blu MBD Ludhiana proved that within India the staff here was not only hospitable but genuinely seemed concerned for you. The smile were neither fake nor was the warmth. My entire family was welcomed at all parts of the property we visited be it be their Chinese restaurant, Indian restaurant, reception or the spa.

We planned to start our 2018 with a trip to Amritsar and seek babaji’s blessings, have a good meal at Kesar Dhaba and do some local shopping. However since distance from Gurgaon to Amritsar is much, we decided to stay at Ludhiana and visit Amritsar from there. It was a good idea and I am happy that we decided to stay at Radisson Blu MBD at Ludhiana.

The hotel has been carefully designed and I am told one of the owners was herself involved in the interiors. Every element has been carefully picked and while each person would have their own choices and preference, one cannot help but notice the eye for detail that has been given to each section. The five elements of existence in the Hindu mythology (Panch Mahabhutas i.e., Sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth) have inspired the interior spaces within the Hotel area to bring about relaxation, freedom & inspiration.
We were in a suite and asked for a separate bed for our daughter. The suite is big enough and is equipped with mini bar, sofa, double bed, study table, coffee table, 2 TV, locker etc. For the first time I have seen bath tub with Jacuzzi inside the bedroom. Since our daughter was with us, it was she who enjoyed it the most.

The personal gesture of a cake in the room along with greetings from the staff in Punjabi makes one feel at home. And there are not many hotels who give the written declaration that if guest faces any inconvenience then he won’t be charged.

We had our lunch as our first meal at their Pan Asian restaurant – R.E.D (Rare Eastern Dining). The oriental feel of the place has been brought about by Chinese calligraphy on the floor, orange lights and the upholstery which has a touch of oriental green. The bamboo louvers which create light and shadow effect along with the bamboo ceiling speak subtly of Chinese culture. The menu has a compilation of specialties unique to the restaurant and while we never expected, the recipes are not diluted to appeal to the local’s taste buds. If someone can make a soup that I wanted a repeat then you can well imagine other food.

I enjoyed the drinks at Peg, the relaxed bar before moving on to Made in India for our Indian meal. Bar tender made some cocktails after checking on my preferences and they were perfectly balanced, even though they took a bit of time. The bar is centrally located for easy access to all with blue color of light adding romance to the whole area.

Made in India, the Indian restaurant is a culinary journey, where guests can relish the memories and prophecies of the great Indian cuisine. The “Memories” feature the long forgotten dishes and ‘‘Prophecies” mark the progression of the cuisine as envisioned by the chefs. The restaurant is an amalgamation of the elements of Indian art which creates a spectacular equilibrium of the color, texture & décor of the old and modern Indian era. The chequered flooring adds a dash of royalty while the Indian throws on the modern furniture speaks about the fusion art. A colored resin and crystal bead curtain makes way for a private and secluded area with the ceiling adorned with devnagri script.

Next day we had a quick breakfast at Café Delish (coffee shop) at Radisson Blu Ludhiana before leaving for Amritsar. The spread is decent without being extensive. I was in love with their South Indian preparation as much as I enjoyed the flowing sunny side egg on gobhi parantha.

Post coming from Amritsar, we were a bit tired and booked for the couple spa at Espace, the spa and the health club at Radisson Blu Ludhiana. The spa room is good and they do not allow cross massage. My wife & I enjoyed the massage by trained therapist who exactly knew the pressure points. However given the big room it was, one heater was insufficient to heat the entire area. I shared my feedback and the team was very receptive to it.

My family loved our experience at the hotel. It is rare that staff remembers your name when they have so many guests to take care of, but here many people addressed us by our surname respectfully and this personal gesture will always remain a highpoint of our visit.


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