The Beer Café unveils: India’s first Pour Your Own Beer wall

New Delhi, April 2017: Living up to the legacy of innovation, The Beer Café has launched India’s first PYOB (Pour Your Own Beer) wall to begin with at Saket and Biggie, CP in Delhi. The PYOB wall provides the beer lover a unique interactive experience which will soon trickle to the length and breadth of the country.

One can access PYOB through the mobile app. The “Pour Your Own Beer” is a sight to pause and ponder with digital screens mounted on the wall and glorious silver taps tempting one to pour liquid sunshine in pre- chilled mugs!

Don’t worry, for this is not just meant for the tech savvy. Quirky step by step instructions guide you through this one of a kind pour ritual. As soon as one scans the unique code residing in The Beer Café app, the screen welcomes you with your name and wallet balance – Brewbucks. Yes, this beer destination just doesn’t have beer but its own currency too! This can be easily linked to your plastic cards or mobile wallets. Feel free to sample as little or as much as you wish. You could even become a brew master with customized blends; mix wheat, pilsners, lagers or stouts and make your own magic potion. For those who like it slow, fill just half a mug and come back for more, later. Being your own ‘pourtender’ comes with the benefit of no service charge on the invoice too. Now aren’t you spoilt for choice to spend that money you just saved?  For there is not a few but 16 varieties to sip and savor!

Speaking on the occasion, Rahul Singh, founder and CEO, The Beer Café, said “We bring yet another revolutionary concept in India. This will entirely change the way we drink and experience beer. Witness the technology exclusively at The Beer Café, as we take you closer to a truly global beering experience! We will extend this unique service to our outlets across the country; for this is rare and next to none.”

The taps of this heavenly potion time you for 25 seconds to taste, fill a glass or a mug. Once the session expires the beer stops pouring. Thanks to The Beer Café’s cloud server, these codes will be valid across outlets and all transactions will be highly secured and a first in the world concept.

“The PYOB system installed at The Beer Cafe in India is the most innovative and advanced beer technology on the planet. The interactive user experience coupled with ease of use make the system truly world class. While we at Draftserv Technologies have installed systems for all the major cruise lines, international beer companies, the NBA, Kentucky Derby, the Ryder Cup, PGA Tour, and more; the APP driven technology at The Beer Cafe is by far our proudest achievement.  We are very grateful for the vision of Rahul Singh, Founder/CEO The Beer Cafe, as well as the opportunity to work with the entire Beer Cafe team.  Cheers to The Beer Cafe”, said Jose Hevia, CEO/Founder, Draftserv Technologies, LLC.

Not only is the outlet a techie paradise but a treat for the eyes as well. The café boasts of quirky décor of artifacts capturing the brewing process with wooden barrels and casks. Offering a global gastronomic treat to the customers, The Beer Café, over the years, has become the most awarded beer chain in the country.


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