Sushi Haus, Gurgaon: Sushi’s Well Delivered

Anyone who knows me well, knows my undying love for sushi. I could eat it three times a day, everyday till the end of time. So imagine my delight when my friends drop in for a surprise visit bearing my personal “top of the food chain” meal from Sushi Haus. I have been a tad under the weather, so the timing was truly impeccable!

The packaging caught my eye immediately. Functional, sleek and pleasant to the eye. Each box was labelled correctly and clearly.

I had sake nigiri, California roll, teke sashimi and quinoa prawn tempura roll. The rice in the first two was cooked to perfection with ample salmon in the first and crab in the latter. They were both as expected and faultless.

The teke sashimi was a vision to look at and did not disappoint. The finely sliced yellow fin tuna comes with a garnish of thin olive and jalapeño discs. A smattering of red chilli added the much needed kick. Each box comes with a serving of crunchy daikon salad.

Usually there is that one star of the meal and for me it was the quinoa prawn tempura roll. This baby immediately melted in my mouth and the tanginess of the Japanese mayo with the crunch of the tempura is what good sushi is all about.

I didn’t touch the vegetarian fare but will take my friends word for it- ” Great!”


At the risk of offending my friend Junichi, I need excessive amounts of gari, wasabi and sauces (soy and otherwise) with sushi. He always says I ruin it and any self respecting sushi chef wouldn’t give me the time of the day (thank goodness my non- judgmental husband makes sushi for me)! Thankfully Sushi Haus sent enough to satiate my rather sinful consumption of them. Overall a 4 out of 5 as I found the sashimi overpriced for the quantity received. And yes I would order from them in the future.

Thanks so much my friends, you turned my frown upside down 🙂

Nehaa Singh Kamboj

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