Tupperware Ultimo Speedy Chef: Must for Everyday Baking

Offices in Gurgaon are fighting with huge spiraling rentals and thinking of lush open gardens inside the complex is a dream. On my recent visit to the Tupperware office I saw this dream with my open eyes, where they had arranged a bloggers meet. Even though I reached a bit late but I was soon put at ease by their young team, and when I met their MD, Shilpa Ajwani, I never realised I am meeting such a senior person. Gone are the days when only grey (at times bald) hair was the license to top slot in the corporate.

I have been using Tupperware products since decades and while I found them to be very expensive, they were bought more for the snob value and flaunting them infront of guests. Ofcourse they looked pretty inside the kitchen too! However this session really helped break some myths I had:

  • The products are expensive because they are imported: Tupperware is originally an American brand however they have 7 manufacturing plants all over the world of which one is in India. Btw, while Tupperware is known for its quality but even amongst its 7 plants, Indian plant at Dehradun has been audited as one with the highest quality score across all Tupperware manufacturing facilities all over the world.
  • Tupperware is only into plastic containers, bottles or lunch boxes: Perhaps this was true till few years ago, not any more. Tupperware now also makes some of the high quality steel products, and few time saving kitchen appliances.
  • Products are still expensive: Well, I was candid and asked this question directly to their Managing Director and she very sportingly replied that if one has to look at the life span of the products, one will not find it expensive. And when I looked back I realised its true. I have been using the products over a decade and none of them still needed replacement. My friend said that she stores her expensive items like pine nuts etc which otherwise gets rancid, but Tupperware containers helps improve their shelf life apart from retaining the fragrance of some of the expensive herbs. Looking back at their logic, I would agree that though the initial amount may be a bit high compared to any other product serving the same value, but over the years it will more than pay up for its price. Btw, I also learnt that their container seal (which they call burping seal because of the way it locks), is amongst the Top 10 greatest inventions of the 20th centuary by The Guinness Book of World Records…the slot in which even computer fails to make an appearance.

In this workshop we all got the opportunity to use the smart chopper, Tupperware Juist and Speedy Chef. I already have Tupperware smart chopper at home and have already written about it. Do read about it. I have used similar products from the exhibitions but they hardly lasted me 3 months while this product is going strong for the last 8 months. I loved the Juist juicer for its functionality. It is a space saver, non electric cold press juicer and I liked the pulpy juice that it gives. However our main attention was on Speedy Chef.

Tupperware Speedy Chef is the manual handy helper that efficiently beats, whips and whisks. The marketing team said that Speedy Chef can work faster than the electrical beater. It was difficult to digest, but we did a test. One person was given an electrical beater and another person was given Tupperware Speedy Chef. You would be surprised to know that Tupperware Speedy Chef won.

As a Punjabi I love fresh white butter with my paranthas. It is a time consuming process but as you can see in the demonstration below even this function was easily done using Tupperware Speedy Chef.

This 2 pcs gadget works very efficiently and silently compared to its electrical counterpart which are also more expensive and bulky than Speedy Chef. It beats, whips and whisks cream, egg whites, pancakes, omelettes and mayonnaise faster and much quicker and quieter than an electrical beater. As long as your primary need is to use it for home and not put it for commercial use, I would recommend that one should go with Tupperware Ultimo Speedy Chef. I went with one. The product has a MRP of Rs3800.

With these time savings products, if one can even save couple of hours a day, then these hours can be used to enjoy life. Truly Tupperware is a good blend of art and the science of food.


Food Critic and a Marketing Wizz who had a high profile career with leading MNC’s like HSBC, GE Capital etc, Pawan Soni comes across as a quintessential corporate employee. He left behind his successful career as the Vice President of a MNC... all for his love for food. He a WSET Level II wine connoisseur and a foodie who loves to eat anything under the sun. Besides being a food and travel writer for various food forums and magazines, he is the Founder and CEO of Indian Food Freak. As one of the initial bloggers who started his blog almost a decade ago, his website www.indianfoodfreak.com is currently one of the biggest food and travel blogs in the country. Pawan also conducts highly successful restaurant awards and recently concluded the 6th edition of The Big F restaurant awards. He won the best influencer awards in India by BBC Food Food Awards in 2018

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