Murgh Rajputana {Recipe}

This is a unique dish and my own invention
Here mutton and chicken are cooked togther to make this robust dish,certainly not for faint hearted ?

Half kg chicken prime pieces
300gm mutton keema
Rajasthani mirch whole and crushed form
Mustard oil
1bowl of hara pyaz
2tbs of chopped garlic
1tbs of ginger juliennes
2tbs green chilly chopped
Whole spices-
laung, jira, black pepper and green elaichi
Grounded spice-
turmeric, dhania, red chilly, garam masala, salt etc
Ginger garlic paste 4tbs
Onion sliced 2cups
Tomato 3tbs

Heat oil in a cooker and add chopped onions,when brown add all khada masala and mutton keema, on high flame fry it evenly
Add salt and all d grounded spice,and whole spices,chopped ginger and garlic and bhuno it
When water dries up add ginger garlic paste and fry it…after 10 mins when the rawness is gone add chopped tomato and fry it again
Add chicken to it and adjust the salt, top it with rajasthani mirch and 1tbs of pure ghee
Cook it till 3-4 whistle and enjoy Murgh Rajputana with hot rumalis or bajre ki roti

By Reema Varma

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