peppermint-yogurt-dipChef’s Basket in association with Zomato is celebrating India’s first Hummus Festival from 24th November- 27th November across multiple top Mediterranean restaurants in Mumbai like  The Little Door Cafe, Cafe Terra, WTF, The Treesome Cafe, Global Chaos, Zoo Bar, Mockingbird Cafe, The Bar Terminal among many more. The festival aims at celebrating the savory and nutritional aspect of Hummus by collaborating with the restaurant chef’s and curating unique and interesting dishes using Chef’s Basket’s range of Hummus. Coming from a brand that pursues in bringing Global Cuisine to Indian household, The Hummus Festival only paints a prettier picture on the variety and miscellany of the food options that would be available during the festival.

Fresh, a sub-brand of Chef’s Basket, has a line of multiple flavored Hummus, which can be used as a dip or a spread. Hummus, made with chickpea paste along with other ingredients, are made with 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives and additives. Collaborating with Zomato, one of the biggest giants in the food business today, is sure to make the Hummus Festival, a compelling experience.

basil-pesto-hummusThe Hummus Festival will have 10-15 dishes curated by the chefs across different restaurants using Hummus as a main ingredient and will be a part of a special menu. The patrons will not only get a free sample of Chef’s Basket’s Hummus, but also a recipe book to recreate the dish at home.

The festival will also be attended by top chefs, food bloggers and celebrities across different restaurants.

With the right balance of taste and health, Hummus Festival promises to be the perfect destination for all food lovers across the city serving a palette of unique food options in your favorite restaurants.
Hummus, a home-grown recipe, sprinkled over with a Mediterranean touch is sure to give your tongue some tang!


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