Smirnoff celebrates Star Trek with Limited Edition Cocktails

Cheers to Smirnoff-001The galactic synchronised dance was well planned with Smirnoff, world’s No.1 Vodka giving five more reasons to Star Trekkers to get excited over the release of Star Trek Beyond on July 22.

A range of cocktails with names that sound straight out of a Star Ship has been crafted to celebrate the occasion and all Trekkies are invited to celebrate with Smirnoff.

A trekkie myself, the 50-year anniversary of the television launch of the landmark science-fiction series Star Trek is certainly reason enough to celebrate and I chose to do that in style.

The venue – The Bombay Bronx, Breach Candy. Now this is a place which takes one into the past, that is Bombay of the 80s. Celebrating a Sci-Fi futuristic story in a place which takes one back to the Mumbai of the past – hmmm, that’s quite a time travel!

The SpocktailThe mood was mellow as the drinks flowed freely and easily. The names (can’t get over them) had already gripped my imagination. Outlining a perfect Trek for you with Smirnoff.

* Begin your voyage into the night and beyond with the Spocktail an electric mix of Smirnoff Vodka, Fresh Red Grapes and Apple Juice with a splash of Lime and Soda.

* Next, deliver in style a Vulcan Salute – Smirnoff Vodka, Crushed Ice and Orange and Lime Wedges come together in this tangy mix – an excuse to give up reason and logic to have some fun.

Warp Driver* Now for some action! Say the magic words:  Beam Me Up – Transport yourself into a night of fun with this heady mix of Smirnoff Expresso, Butterscotch and Coffee- something that even Scotty would approve!

* You’ll need something to boost up your energy. So it’s time for a Warp Driver- Break the barriers with Smirnoff’s version of the classic Screw Driver! Cheers…with this tropical fusion of Smirnoff Vodka and Pineapple Juice with Coconut Syrup and some blue Curacao.

A Galactic Spritzer to prepare you for the journey* As Mr. Spock says, LIIT (& PROSPER) – Vulcan salute merges with the classic cocktail in this snazzy combo of Smirnoff Orange, Captain Morgan and Gin combined Peach, Cranberry and Lemonade.

And with that we reached “where no man has gone before” with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Scottie, and Smirnoff of course!

Smirnoff cocktails have been created by Hemant Mundkur – Brand Ambassador at Diageo India.

In Mumbai the cocktails are available at Bombay Bronx, Elbo Room, and Zoo Bar among others.

While a journey to Space, The Final Frontier is not on offer, a journey into a happy zone with the most awarded vodka brand in the world, SMIRNOFF, is defintely on; so Live Long And Prosper with Smirnoff.

Beam Me Up, Smirnoff!


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