Kashmiri Dum Aloo {Recipe}

kashmiri dum aloo2Here is the authentic recipe of Kashmiri Dum Aloo shared by Sanjay Raina, Founder of Mealability – a boutique catering service serving Kashmiri Cuisine all over India

Serving 4-6 people

8 equal mid sized potatoes
5 Cloves
3 tsp saunf powder
8 tsp Red Chilli powder (Kashmiri mirch)
2 pinches of Hing
10 black pepper whole
1 tsp ginger powder
2 tsp Black zeera
2 Tsp Garam masala
Dalchini 2 sticks
4 Elaichi(Cardamom)
4 Badi elaichi
Safed zeera 1tsp
Tejpatta 3-4
Curd 2 tbls
Mustard oil..enough to properly deep fry .Pl be generous.
Salt to taste


kashmiri dum aloo3PartOne‬
Pressure cook the potatoes (2 whistles)
Cool the potatoes
Peel them (with hand)
Prick each potato with a toothpick at several places all around.

Take lots of mustard oil in a Kadhai
Heat the oil well..should be very hot.
Put potatoes into it, and reduce the flame.
Let potatoes turn golden brown.

kashmiri dum alooPartThree
Remove the potatoes from the Kadhai,drain off all extra oil …and just keep about 3-4 tbls of oil in the kadhai
Add whole spices.
Cook for two minutes.
Take a few spoons of water and mix red chilli powder in it. Add to the kadhai.
Mix well.
Add the yoghurt and mix the contents of the kadhai very well.
Do sprinkle a few drops of water a couple of times to get the temperature down and to ensure that spices don’t get burnt.
You will soon notice that in some time oil will start surfacing.

‪‎kashmiri dum aloo1PartFour‬
Add 4 cups of warm water to the kadhai.
Add fried potatoes.
Add all powdered masalas now.
Add salt
Cover with lid
Cook for 20- 25 minutes.
Check for The oil to surface.
Simmer another 5 mins till gravy thickens a bit..
Be gentle with the potatoes when you put them in a serving bowl.They would be nice and soft,don’t break them in transit 🙂

And you have achieved Nirvana…


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