Pa Pa Ya : Another masterpiece from Zorawar Kalra

20150920_222914Last sunday I attended the launch of one of the most awaited restaurants in Mumbai. From the house of Massive Restaurants with the effervescent Zorawar Kalra at the helm of affairs comes Pa Pa Ya, his take on modern Pan Asian food. This restaurant combines elements of Molecular cuisines and displays an amazing array or cocktails and dishes made with modern interesting elements.

The evening was well attended by the who´s who of the Mumbai Culinary scene and the do was well interspersed with some delectable cocktails like the Lighthouse and Flaming Lambourghini. The food spread saw us trying an amazing pork belly, Pa Pa Ya´s interesting take on Sushi which is served on a Sushi Matrix and some lovely Edamame sliders.

A truly interesting take on cuisines from the Far East, the restaurant certainly has all the elements of a successful venture. A very tastefully done interiors, complete with 3D projection lighting which gives the place a lovely sci-fi ish feel and a space age menu to match, Pa Pa Ya has what it takes to rule the Mumbai gourmet scene in the times to come. Here is wishing them all the best in this venture. The following is the press release issued by team Pa Pa Ya on the launch of the restaurant.

20150920_223042Metal exoskeletons, cuboids reflecting molecules of food seemingly stepping out of the kitchen into the dining space, 3D mapped animation floating across, making it a dynamic and a “High Energy Dining” experience. This is the first thing you notice at Pa Pa Ya, Zorawar Kalra’s new flagship restaurant situated at the posh address, Palladium in Lower Parel. Best described as a chic, modern and radical reinterpretation of Asian cuisine – Pa Pa Ya aims to transport it’s diners into a different world of culinary experience!

Speaking on the occasion, Zorawar Kalra, Founder & Managing Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd., said, “Pa Pa Ya is a high energy dining concept that encapsulates all the five senses into the dining experience. The philosophy behind Pa Pa Ya is simple – present Asian food & drink with a twist. This is done through a mix of cutting edge cooking techniques such as molecular gastronomy & mixology, which has been used throughout the menu wherever it genuinely adds value, in a sense for it to be a combination of art and science.”

From the House of Massive Restaurants, Pa Pa Ya offers a perfect balance of culinary art along with an exceptional gastronomic experience and destination dining. Its expansive menu represents influences from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore, amongst others. Using latest innovations and technology in molecular gastronomy along with cutting edge, contemporary cooking techniques, it aims at offering a unique and first-of-its-kind experience. Pa Pa Ya endeavors to revolutionise Asian dining on a global scale.

20150920_224750Focusing on incorporating the finest and the highest quality ingredients, all the Sushi grade fish is flown in from Japan and stored in a special freezer maintaining a temperature of -40⁰C to ensure freshness. Pa Pa Ya uses state-of-the-art equipment like paco jets for homemade ice creams and sous vide machines for precision cooking along with the freshest quality ingredients.

The modern Asian bistro also offers a specially curated Jain menu comprising of nineteen unique dishes catering to specific dietary preferences, unheard of before. Pa Pa Tales, is a 20150920_224653one-of-a-kind beverage section, with selection of handcrafted signature cocktails designed to complement the food served. These signature beverages are curated using extensive Asian influences such as the Lemongrass, Thai galangal and even chamomile tea, amongst others, while using elements of molecular mixology to add an element of surprise.

Retaining the flavors of  Asian classics, the menu includes the Sushi Matrix, Dimsum, the Laksa, Pho, Som Tam, Penang curry and Mapo Tofu, to name a few. For those with a sweet tooth, the selection offers unique versions of iconic dessert from the regions that are presented in a fun and engaging manner for an indulgent affair. It is time to really #GoPaPaYa.

Address: Level 3, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai 

Time: 7pm to 11pm

Social media handles:

Facebook – PaPaYaAsian

Twitter – PaPaYa_Asian

Instagram – PaPaYa_Asian

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