Red Wine { Recipe}

Wine has always been an integral part in all Christian traditions and festivals. 10177867_516082558497140_2687971769250033929_nEvery grandma had her own recipe of wines, and nothing feels better than aged homemade wines. Wines were made out of grapes, banana, nutmeg fruits, beetroots and even gooseberries. And it is made in big clay pots (bharanis), and served on special occasions.

Black grapes-5 Kg
Boiled and Cooled to lukewarm Water- 3.75 liter
(Alternately you can use 8 liter fresh packed grape juice, and no water added, rest follow the same recipe)
Sugar-2 Kg ( you can always adjust to your requirement)
Yeast-2 1/2 tsp
Whole Rice (nellu) with its husk- a handful
Egg whites-2 -3 eggs beaten well (optional & ensure no egg yolks get mixed)

A large clay pot (bharani), wooden spoon, dark glass bottles.

Thoroughly clean and wash the grapes, and drain well, and dry with a cotton cloth.

Take ½ glass of lukewarm water, add little sugar and 2 tsp yeast. Mix well and set aside to rise.

With your hand crush the grape, and add into the bharani. (do not use mixer). Pour in boiled and cooled water, risen yeast mix, 1 ½ kg sugar, the rice grains, and the beaten egg whites. Mix very well with a wooden spoon. (you can add cinnamon and cloves if you like some spicy taste).
Keep in a dark place; close the jar ensuring that it is not locked tightly**. Cover with a cloth to ensure that no flies and insects shall intrude in.
Keep mixing the wine mix thoroughly every day once for 21 days. After 21 days, drain the mix through a strainer or a muslin cloth. Discard all the left over grapes waste and rice grain.
In a heavy bottom pan, caramelize ½ kg sugar, till you have dark golden brown syrup. Pour some drained wine mix to the caramel and set aside till the whole caramel has fully dissolved.
Clean and dry the clay pot again and pour the whole wine extract and the caramel mix and mix well. Set aside in a dark place sealed as per the first instructions for few days till all sediments are settled.
When the wine is settled and clear, pour it into dark glass bottles (or in a clean clay pot) and keep sealed in a dark place.
Sparkling red wine is ready and can be stored for years.
1)Please do ensure that all jars and other aids are clean and dry, be patient for 21 days, Never close the jar tightly during fermentation, take care no flies and insects intrude in.
2) You can add some Rum or Brandy before bottling.

– Courtesy Ros Ruby John

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