Smokey’s, Delhi: It’s Smokingly Good

InteriorsI wholeheartedly believe what one of my close friends says; “Eat a dish only if you think it deserves the number of calories it offers”. When there are some such wonderful places opening up and offering innovative dishes, life is too short to waste eating mediocre meals. One of the most over-rated dishes I feel is burger. Except the meat patty which can better be had as a steak, there are lot of carbs in the bread, and excess fat in layers of cheese topped with so much of tomato, pickles and other relishes that either someone needs to have a super elastic mouth to get a bite or break the burger into small pieces which is more like tasting different things at different time. Such big fat burgers are definitely not my idea of a great meal.

20140404_192917I am at Smokey’s at GK-II. I have had two great meals at its groups outlets – Smoke House Grill and Smoke House Deli, I am here to see if the group has still maintained its quality offerings since the partners formed their own companies. The ambience of this place has changed a little for better. It is now more of a fun dining place than a loungish feel it offered on its first floor earlier.

Hot Dog SlidersOn my table a see a set of six sauces of which Atomic, a mix of anchovy fish stock, mayonnaise, spicy red chilli and chipotle, is a truly for brave hearted and I love it. I start with hot dog sliders (Rs.800). A set of four: bacon wrapped pork sausage hotdog, grilled chilli dog melt, Andhra chilli dog and spicy chicken hot dog, I am hooked to them. Each one is better than the other and each bite leads to another. Seriously infectious stuff! Slider BurgersI moved on the slider burgers (Rs800); assortment of pulled tenderloin burger, six chillies chicken burger, lamb burger with buttered onion and bacon n lamb burger. Smokiness in the bread, juiciness in the patty and softness of the buns makes it a very enjoyable meal. Instead of one burger, in the same calories, I am enjoying four of them, and the best part the buns are made in house and do not get crumbly or soggy till the last bite.

New Old FashionedTo go with the food I order for New Old Fashioned. Old fashioned is one of my favourite cocktails. This drink is Smokey’s version with Drumbui, Jin Beam, mild flavour of mandarin, cucumber, basil and green apple. It does not use any egg white but the flavours are impeccable. Rather, I loved the twist in this one.

Pan Seared sea bassThe pan seared sea bass (Rs 950) done in kashundi is served with spicy-creamy corns. The star of the dish is the corns which are done slightly soft to compliment the fish. Coconut cream slightly overpowers the hit of kashundi, however the use of lemongrass gave it an aromatic touch.

Chilean pork ribsSlow cooked pork ribs are spicy and hot. These Chilean beauties reminds me of my earlier visit at Smoke House BBQ and luckily, except the name nothing much has changed.

While apple crumble pie strikes a chord with its nuttiness, I do not much like the flaky pastry of the banoffie pie.

It has been almost two weeks since I visited Smokey’s and thinking of the burgers and sliders, I still salivate. Luckily Smokey’s is opening in Cyberhub Gurgaon which is a stone throw from my place. Smokey’s is one place where the calories are worth it.

Ratings (out of 5):

Food: 4.0 | Ambience: 4.5 | Service: 4.0 | Overall: 4.0

Meal for two: Rs. 2000 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes | Timings: 12.30PM-1am

Address: Smokeys, Plot 2, VIPPS Center, Masjid Moth, GK 2, New Delhi | Telephone: 011-41435531

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  1. It was a really disappointing experience to go to Smokeys, Cyber Hub for lunch yesterday.
    We ordered a bunch of things and none of them was good.

    +The spaghetti alio olio was so oily that when we got it packed, all the oil leaked out of the takeout box and into my car.
    +The burger was very very dry and under seasoned.
    +The fried chicken fingers were again dry.
    +The potato skins were the most disappointing. Its such a simple preparation but the chef messed it up by putting too much sour cream and cheese. It was really bad.
    +Finally, we ordered the molten chocolate mousse with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I was shocked to taste raw egg in the molten chocolate. It tasted so bad that we had to call for sugar and water to get over the taste of raw egg in my mouth.

    There are much better places in Cyber Hub with extraordinary food. I would definitely not recommend you to ever visit Smokey’s.