Roast Chicken {Recipe}: Traditional Family Recipes

Monica Bakre shared this recipe for Roast Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Multicolours Vegetables with us. traditionalThis is what she had to say about the dish-
“Traditional, this??? Whose ??? Well, yes, its traditionally English but adopted since generations by the coffee planter community of Chikmagalur, Karnataka as a staple at all Planter Clubs ! No NY eve celebration is complete without this Roast chicken on its menu. Coffee planters of this region live and eat well ! They incorporate rare and sometimes, expenisive ingredients sourced from abroad, in their cuisine which ranges from traditional Kannadiga to ones characteristic of lands overseas. A lot of experimentation is done and adaptations are always welcome. This recipe is to celebrate the half-English, half-Indian spirit of the typical south Indian coffee planter !”
5 chicken legs
5 tbsps soya sauce
2.5 tbsps Worcesterchire sauce
5 tbsps olive / refined oil
1 tsp chilli powder
For the vegetables:


Salt and Pepper to taste


Marinate the chicken legs in the chilli powder, soya sauce,Worcestershire sauce and oil for about 2 hours. Do not make slits in the legs as they have to undergo 3 processes of cooking.
Take some ghee in a thick bottomed vessel and fry each marinated leg at a time and keep it separate. Do so for all the legs individually.
Then put all the fried legs back into the vessel along with the marinade and cover to cook. You may add a little water now.
Once the chicken legs get cooked , take them out of the marinade and keep aside.
Just before serving, roast the cooked chicken legs in an oven for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees.
Pour heated marinade over the roasted chicken legs and serve with mashed potatoes and boiled carrots, beans, peas, corn (optional).

For the mashed potatoes:

Boil 2-3 potatoes well, peel and mash them.
Add a little milk and beat the potato mash in a hand beater.
Tip- Always to be served fresh and hot. Donot dilute any ingredient because the original flavor of the thick marinade has to be retained.

For the vegetables:

Steam the vegetables, toss with salt and pepper to taste

Heat some butter in a pan, toss the corn till slightly browned. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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