Foodhall presents “Cheese Festival – so much more for the love of food”

New Delhi / Gurgaon February, 2014– For the love of cheese look no further as the ultimate gourmet destination, Foodhall vows to pamper the taste buds of a food connoisseur. Foodhall brings to you the Cheese Festival, an unrivaled culinary expedition of cheeses and other mouth-watering products brought together in celebration of the good life. Celebrate and explore all cheese possibilities as the foodies paradise is all set to impress the gourmands with the widest variety, a packed program of demos by food personalities and all sorts of pairing possibilities under its innovative arcade.

The Cheese Festival offers so much more – more of your favorite cheeses , more to learn, more to taste, more to experience and more to broaden your culinary expertise in an informative environment. Foodhall’s commitment to an innovative approach promises to keep cheese lovers coming back for more. It promises to simply wow you!

Boasting with an array of cheeses from across the globe, Mexican, Swiss, French, Mediterranean, Dutch or Italian to name a few, the Cheese Counter at Foodhall  is the ultimate place for aspiring wine and cheese connoisseurs, novices who want to learn more about ideal pairings, or for anyone who wants to plan the perfect wine and cheese party .

The skillfully headed demo counter comprises 4 different demos of Fondue sampling, Nachos sampling, cheese pairings with antipasti, breads and fruits and dips .

Living up to their promise of offering much more, Foodhall offers perfect cheese platter solutions. Wooden cheese boards coupled with cheese tips by Cheese Specialists, Foodhall helps you get the perfect setting of cheese and its companions, setting the perfect party mood. Enabling the customers to buy loose cheese, which can be grated, cubed, shredded and  cut it in the way they would like, Foodhall is the one stop destination for all cheese solutions.

Special offer: Cheese enthusiast can create their own cheese platter for Rs 1499/- and above and get 10% off.

Presenting a gourmet cake and bake mix, Foodhall also offers a variety of parmesan cheese straws, breads and savories. The red velvet cake and cupcake , carrot cake with cream and cheese icing  and tiramisu with mascarpone cheese are sensory  delights.

Cold cuts and cheese platters for along with raclette grill, fondue pots and other grills for making cheese sandwiches are a must for all get-togethers.

Combining taste and conscious eating habit together, the salad counter at Foodhall is a go to for healthy living. Be it the veg greek salad with lettuce, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber chunks and lemon vinaigrette, or the chicken greek salad,  or the classic capers’ salad with sliced mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil leaves, salt and pepper; we have it all.

With sampling activities, live demo counters, cheese specialists, tips, recipes and much more, the Cheese Festival at Foodhall promises to make your daily shopping a fruitful experience.

Time : 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

Venue-Foodhall@DLF Promenade & Foodhall @ Central, Gurgaon

  1. Is this a review or a reprint of a PR release? In most parts of the world Foodhall would be nothing more than a forgettable mediocrity. Maybe when graded on a curve it qualifies as the “ultimate gourmet destination” because food retail in NCR is so grim and no purveyors seem to understand or care a whit about quality, but come on now.

  2. MSE…if you look closely, it is published in the press release section of the website, and it is a “Press Release”. I would not be able to comment on quality or otherwise till I pay it a visit. Cheers!