Sweet Savoury – A Chocolate Pizza by Choko la

January 2013, Mumbai – “Chocolate is health food for the soul”, and as the saying goes it is considered to be the world’s finest invention and many people’s favourite vice. For those who appreciate the appeal of sinfully rich chocolate, there is something more to chocolates this time around.

Choko la is proud to announce its own unique version of Pizza – Chocolate Pizza. This is an interesting variation of the dessert options that are available at all the Choko la boutiques.

This gourmet chocolate pizza is studded with bananas, marshmallows and dark chocolate chips. It is garnished with caramelized hazelnuts and topped with praline and chocolate fudge sauce. This pizza with a super thin crust is enough to get anyone on an endorphin high. This extravagant dessert comes to you beautifully layered and heaped atop the base and sprinkled generously.

Price – Rs. 360/- | Serves – 3

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