Mentalist Lior Suchard show @ Kingdom of Dreams

DSC_0111I need the slightest opportunity to head towards Kingdom of Dreams (KoD). It has been my favorite destination for family outing and to entertain guests. There are various posts that I have written on it and every time I visit KoD, I feel there is so much more to it.

Kapil Dhaundiyal- KODRecently I visited Kingdom of Dreams to watch Zangoora yet again with my office colleagues and it did not fail to excite me as much as it did for the first time. It simply amazes me how show after show the performers manages to carry the same excitement and spark which for anyone else would become monotonous and routine. And while I mention about this show, do not miss to watch the dwarf – Kapil Dhaundiyal, who is a star attraction at this show. He is the most active entertainer and inspite of his constraints has worked on his body so much that if it was not for the height, he would undoubtedly be the main hero of the show. For me he still is! If you are reading this post Kapil, do note that you have an ardent follower in me.

Lior SuchordThis time I was visiting Kingdom of Dreams to watch the show of world renowned mentalist, Lior Suchard. Mentalists are people who demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. I was told that this was a revisit by Lior whose earlier show I somehow missed. This was the first time I was witnessing a mentalist and I wasn’t expecting much.

As show started most people became spell bound and a feeling of disbelief surrounded us. We wanted to believe to what we saw but anyone who is watching something for the first time, it takes time for the feelings to sink in, and the same was happening to us.

DSC_0120What would you say if someone guesses the name of person on whom you had your first crush? It is perhaps one of those feelings, which you would have never shared with anyone. How would you react if someone exactly predicts the number that you have in mind? How would you feel if someone correctly tells you what you had in mind some 15 minutes ago, and crazily wouldn’t you be paranoid if you felt touches around your body while no one was near you? All this and more was happening in front of us, and one question that was popping up in everyone present was how?

DSC_0127Wish we had answers, wish we could train our mind to read other people’s mind, wish we could bend a spoon just by looking at it…we were then be superhuman. Lior also conducted another training program for corporate executive. If they can influence even 10% decisions in their favour by learning the skills, undoubtedly they will be very successful both in their corporate career and personal life. I missed this session this time, but I look forward to his revisit when I will ensure a seat for myself.

Address: Kingdom of Dreams, Auditorium Complex, Sector 29, Gurgaon | Phone: 0124-4528000

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