IICE Vodka: Review

Vodka has been one of my favourite poisons, as this is light and hence can be had at any time of the day. It can be mixed with variety of mixers and goes well in most cocktails. I have never been fond of any brand as such, but I avoid some of those which give a bad hangover the next morning.

Jagatjit Industries recently launched their new IICE vodka, in plain, Orange, and Green Apple flavours, and I decided to give it a try.


The clean packaging in translucent bottle is neat but not very impressive.

IICE Green AppleAroma:

Of the two flavours, Green Apple stands out and comes out as a winner, while plain Vodka is as usual.


IICE is triple distilled vodka and like all other good brands, it is completely transparent and scores well.


This is the litmus test. I tried all the flavours – First neat, then with water, and later with soda. The plain grain IICE vodka was clean and smooth, however unanimously we loved the green apple flavour which unlike other vodkas didn’t taste synthetic.


This was an evening with friends, and we had more than our normal consumption. Though IICE is potent, none of us had any hangover, or felt thirsty in the night. This is a big plus.


IICE is very cost effective. Usually I drink Smirnoff, which cost Rs550 in Haryana for plain Vodka. IICE cost Rs 350 for plain Vodka and Rs400 for flavoured version.

Overall, I will go back to Green Apple IICE Vodka and will try it with Del Monte Green Apple juice, as suggested by one of my friends.


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  1. I surely gonna give a try this weekend, i was also looking for a drink which doesn’t make me thirsty @midnight 😀 Nice review.