Jain Shikanji (Lemonade), Modinagar, Ghaziabad

[Rated : 4/5]
High temperature during summers can be taxing. One needs a cooler to overcome the heat and loss of fluids in body due to sweating. Many drinks does the trick like aerated drinks, juices etc. But a cooler that offers the benefits of health, taste and cold retreat all in one is a Shikanji – a Lemonade !!!

During this summer on my way to Meerut, while approaching Modinagar (appx 20 Kms before Meerut), I saw many boards promoting “Jain Shikanji”. Had heard a lot about it and decided to try one at it. This shop is located on main road, just after the Modinagar Police Station. The first thing I noticed was the crowd in front of the shop. As I waded through it, I heard POP… POP… POP… Yes, you guessed it right… the sound of soda bottle caps being opened in quick succession by the Shikanji makers.
Jain Shikanji is over 40 years old and specializes in a Shikanji masala. They also offer Jaljeera and Khus Sharbet. A glass of Shikanji comes at Rs.25 per glass. Shikanji makers were working in a frenzy making 4-5 glasses at a time. Here’s the process, some ice cubes (you may ask not to use any), masala, freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar syrup. All this mixed with soda poured from a bottle opened with a loud pop. As I took a sip, I enjoyed the perfect mix of each ingredient, mastered over the years of serving. The drink was refreshing and delicious. The 250 ml quantity ensured my thirst was quenched completely.
Interestingly, all the other neighbouring shops offering Shikanji were empty while Jain’s were doing brisk business. This is despite other shops also offering shikanji made from Jain Shikanji masala bought by them !!! This is customer loyalty built over 40 years of being in same line of business and mastering it.
A place highly recommended for anyone crossing Modinagar to enjoy a sweet and tangy drink, especially during summers.
P.S. : Owners of Jain Shikanji also offers famous dal and paneer pakodas… But that is a different story I will share later.
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