Chin Chin, Gurgaon

[Rated: 4/5]
Whenever one hears about Chinese food (think noodles, fried rice, chilly chicken and spring rolls) delicious flavor memories immediately pop into our heads. Kids can live on it, adults love it and elders can’t ignore it. After hearing some great feedback and seeing one of the best home delivery Chinese menus I’ve ever encountered, I was really keen on experiencing the food at Chin Chin.

We decided to call some friends to my place and ordered well in advance, so the victuals could be delivered by 8pm to our place. The food arrived before time and was delivered by a polite and well groomed delivery boy from Chin Chin. The packaging of the food was excellent with neatly packed sauces and chopsticks included. Though we were planning to serve the food in our own crockery, we found the packaging to be quite presentable for a casual dinner.

We ordered Dry Chilly Chicken (190), Pepper Winglets (150) & Lotus Root Double Dragon (170) as appetizers and Chicken Garlic Sauce (225), Veg Manchurian (140), Fish black pepper (275), Mixed fried rice (190), Chicken Hakka noodles (140), & Veg fried rice (120) for the main courses. The portion sizes were good and would have been sufficient for 8 (we were 4, with the appetite of 8). The food, especially the Fish Black Pepper and Veg Manchurian were made very well, though both the Chilly Chicken and Chicken Garlic Sauce could have been more tender. The Lotus Double Dragon was nice, but had softened on it’s way to our place, which was understandable.

Inspite of the slightly congealed gravy (due to the time it lay before being served), I would say this was the best home delivered Chinese we’ve eaten till date. The combined experience of a great menu, good packaging, delicious food… and of course, the company of good friends made for a lovely evening.
Please note, Chin Chin currently do not accept credit cards on delivery and do not have a clear policy on minimum order amount for delivery. Depending on the distance, the minimum order amount can vary from Rs250-Rs600.


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