Strawberry Glee {Recipe}

Strawberry Glee

Sandipa says “Strawberry is one of my favorite fruits but as it is seasonal I just had to do something that would keep up a steady supply of it in some form for a couple of months at least after the season gets over. So, I made a sort of Strawberry preserve and refrigerated it.On a Tuesday, when we don’t eat non-vegetarian food, I found that there was no vegetarian dessert in the house and I was craving for something sweet. That is how STRAWBERRY GLEE came into existence and my cravings were satisfied…”

Ingredients : strawberry glee

200 gms of Sugar
400 ml of Water
400 gms of Strawberries
2/3 Cinnamon Sticks
1L Fresh Cream



Wash and slice the Strawberries into halves.

In a pan boil water and sugar to make a syrup. When the syrup is virtually done, put the strawberries and cinnamon sticks and cook for a while till the syrup thickens and one gets a nice deep red colour.

Get if off the fire and let it cool.

Once, it cools store in a clean air-tight glass bottle or jar and refrigerate.

Whenever you wish to indulge just take spoons full of the preserve and add fresh cream to it and enjoy a vegetarian dessert made in a jiffy .

The Strawberry preserve can also be used as toppings for ice-creams,tarts, cakes etc.

– Recipe by Sandipa Nitin Tombat

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