Pind Balluchi, Indirapuram (Shipra Mall), Ghaziabad

[Rated: 3.5/5]

In past few years, restaurants with multiple outlets have seen a reasonable increase. Pind Balluchi is one of these multiple outlet brands.
While the latter part of Pind Balluchi seems to have been derived from Baluchistan; an arid, mountainous region in Southwest Asia including parts of southeastern Iran, western Pakistan, and south western Afghanistan and goes with the Pind Balluchi’s proclaim to serve North West frontier cuisine, menu does not affirm the same.
With carved pillars, rugged looking furniture, lantern shaped lights, colourful Punjabi dressed waiters actually give one a feeling of being present in a “Pind” that definitely asserts first half of the brand name.  As is the case with most of the Pind Balluchi outlets I have visited, even the Shipra Mall outlet displayed a statuette of a sitting Punjabi Jat, to indicate what could be expected inside by the guests.We ordered Murg Tikka Masala (Rs 150), Rahra Meat (Rs 145), Dal Tadka (Rs 110), Kadhai Paneer (Rs 145), Mutton Biryani (Rs 155) and Rotis (Rs 18). Pind Balluchi seems to have mastered the art of serving consistent taste across its outlets. The Murg Tikka Masala had tender chicken pieces cooked in red smooth gravy. On our request the Chef had prepared a slightly spicy gravy that we loved. Mutton Rahra, a preparation of mutton cuts in thick minced mutton gravy was a delight. The mutton pieces were perfectly cooked and we were able to peel off the meat without an effort. Kadhai Paneer was typical cottage cheese chunks prepared in thick grave of tomatoes, onion and capsicum. Soft Paneer chunks melted in mouth. Dal tarka was regular yellow dal with elements of onion, tomatos, ginger and garlic and I would rate it as average on taste. Biryani was dish of the evening. Biryani’s aroma confirmed that it shall taste good and it exceeded all our expectations.
While the food and ambience were nice, few things definitely need to be looked into by the outlet’s management. The helpings were small (except for biryani) and one would need to order additional dishes to avoid getting insufficient food served. Second, the furniture was uncomfortable. The concave backed chairs made it difficult to enjoy sitting and the small size of table was unable to accommodate the dishes along with bulky plates and water glasses. Another concern was the poor service extended by waiters. We had to request couple of times and follow up on repeat of Rotis and serving water which wan’t very comforting.Though we would like to go back to Pind Balluchi but surely not along with guests.Ratings:
Ambience 4/5 | Food 4/5| Service 3/5| Comfort 2.5/5
Meal for two: 600 | Alcohol: Yes |Address: Shipra Mall, Third Floor, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad | Tel: 0120-4565000/ 4560256
– Aman Kapoor
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