BITE CLUB, Delhi-NCR: Home Food Delivery Service

Bite Club PackagingAs biting as the name sounds, never have I been home-serviced to such perfection as I was by Bite Club – so much so that I still am reeling under it (or should I say reeled in by it?)

The ease of use starts from the word “go”. Bite Club’s simple yet attractive and efficacious Android application with its user-friendly interface (iOS users have to sweat it out by phone, yet! 🙂 makes ordering a breeze. Punch in your order and address, pick your delivery window, and forget it.  The awesomeness begins to dawn on you when the delivery person rings your bell with your order. Delivered within the selected delivery window; fluent English–speaking delivery person who has the exact change by the time you come back with the nearest 500 or 1000 rupee note; no paper bill – e-bill is mailed to your email id as soon as the order is confirmed.

The bedazzling continues as the lunch is being unveiled. Neatly labelled and vacuum-packed food with no spill over, thoughtful plastic cutlery and paper napkin in a plastic pouch – it seemed a pity to tear it all open to reach at the food.

The raison-de-entreprise of Bite Club appears to be that of curating the best offerings of home-based caterers in the neighbor hood and ensuring that they are served to the customer at reasonable price points (Rs. 250/-Non.Veg., Rs.200/- Veg.) within a pre-determined delivery time frame (there are three slots).  At first read, one may be tempted to wonder “so what’s new about this, all home delivery services attempt to do the same, no?” Yeah, most attempt it but Bite Club has perfected it.

The menu changes every day, so boredom doesn’t set in. By keeping the options limited – a single vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish each for lunch and dinner – the customer is not overwhelmed by choices. In fact, in my case, it was what was on offer that day which persuaded me to order and not because I was particularly looking to order. That is culinary suasion at its best.

Keema Dum BiryaniThe food on the day I ordered namely, Keema Dum Biryani cooked by Chef Smriti Sabharwal, looked as close as possible to the dazzling photo that was displayed on their app. With accompanying salan and mint chutney (a little watery), the moderately flavoured long-grained basmati rice (a wee bit oily) interspersed with keema was pleasing both to the eyes and palate. The juicy crunch of pomegranate seeds was refreshing. Portions were good for one person with a healthy appetite.  Two portions could serve three moderate eaters as in the instant case.

BiryaniSoon after, a representative of Bite Club called to ask about my experience. I couldn’t but give them an overall 5/5. For, taking away a half point for not having their credit card payment portal ready so that the entire transaction can be paperless, would have been mean of me. (I was informed that the payment portal should be up and running soon.)

It is ironical that through an impersonal system – until the food is delivered, there is no person-to-person interaction between Bite Club and the customer – a fulfilling personal experience is curated and delivered to perfection by Bite Club. Their’s is one “bite-mark” that shall invite all round approbation from the discerning public unlike Luis Suarez’s.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Category:  Home Food Delivery Service

Ease of booking: 5.0 | Packaging: 5.0 | Food: 4.5 | Service: 5.0 |Overall: 5.0

Meal for Two: Rs.500/- (Non.Veg.) | Credit Cards: Not yet | Timings: 8.00 am – 10.30 pm

Address: Sector 52, Gurgaon, HaryanaTelephone: 09811601441/ via BITE CLUB Android application.

Disclosure: This review is based on the reviewer’s personal experience, with the order having been placed anonymously via the service provider’s android application and the food fully paid for by the reviewer herself.

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