Pan Asian Restaurant Fatty Bao opens in Powai

The news came in that The Fatty Bao (TFB) comes to Hiranandani Powai and on behalf of IFF, I and P land there on the third day of their public opening. With two very illustrious neighbours ; Sodabottle Openerwala and Indigo Deli, the place was not hard to find at all. As we sat at our table, we  could not help but notice the familiar Asian Ladies salt and pepper containers. Everyone who had been to TFB’s other outlets will know them well.

The restaurant has a lovely outdoor patio as well. However, since it is right next to the main road, on a weekday evening it might be a concern with the traffic.

The Fatty Bao F&B team draws inspiration from Asia’s vast and diverse culinary history. Executive Chef Prashanth Puttaswamy’s menu has an outstanding selection of addictive small plates, delicately rolled sushis and bowls of hearty ramens and more. The menu interprets bold and complex flavours of Asian cuisines with flourishes that are distinct.

We decided to start with Sushi rolls and asked for Smoked Green apple, Avocado and Takuan ( Rs.295 for plate of 4 / Rs. 580 for plate of 8) and California roll which was of crab meat (Rs. 325 for a plate of 4 / Rs. 640 for a plate of 8). We loved both. Our idea was to try few other dishes from the menu which we had at their other outlets. These two we had never had and we loved both.

For drinks though, we did not experiment and asked for the star in the menu; Fatty Sour (whisky, raspberries, lime, sugar and egg white) and I opted for a mocktail Sakura Sakura ( fresh fruits, passion fruit and grape juice).

How can we not have what TFB is most famous for – the Baos. We asked for Char Siu (Rs. 365) It had barbequed pork belly with green apple kimchi, hoisin sauce, sesame oil and scallions. As expected, they could not have got this wrong at all. The soft fluffy Baos ( presented as sandwich) were outstanding.

TFB’s Small Plates are a big draw for many. We had Crab cake (Rs.425), Steamed Edamame (Rs.310) and Salmon Carpaccio (Rs.425). The Edamame / young soybeans with garlic and sea salt was perfectly steamed. Both P and I finished the bowl in no time. The crab cake was a sight to behold with such a delicate presentation with furikake, miso mayonnaise, black sesame crisp and flaked bonito. This and the Salmon tasted equally good. Such dishes which look good and tastes awesome always make us happy.

The Menu at TFB is one where one can get varieties of Ramen which are a rarity in the Asian places here. For mains we wanted to have the Fatty Pho, however, our hard luck it was not available that evening. We shared one bowl of Chasu ( Rs.435). This classic Ramen bowl was made of pork broth, braised pork belly, bean sprouts, marinated soft boiled eggs and scallions. We always love this one.

Even after everything, someone truly in love with good food, always have some space for dessert. We are also no different. We asked for Zen Forest and what a beautiful looking dessert it was. As we were having it, the lady from the next table asked the name of the dish and she of course ordered the same.

We went to TBF on a Wednesday evening and by 9 pm the place was full. That is surely a good sign. We wish TFB Powai all the success.

Ambiance: 4 Service : 3.5 Food : 4

Dinner for two: Rs. 3000 with one drink each.

Address : Ground Floor ‘Sentinel’, Hiranandani Business Park, Hiranandani Gardens (Opposite Powai Plaza), Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road, Powai, Mumbai 400076 Call: 022 62360129

Opening Hours: All Days of the Week: 12:00 noon to 3:30pm and 6:30pm to 1:00 am (Only guest 10 years and above will be permitted for dinner).

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