Fashionable Foodie: Is there any correlation between Food and Fashion?

titlePeople don’t normally talk about ‘fashion’ and ‘food’ in the same breath. Many a times, I have been asked how I can be a fashion designer and yet be so active in food groups. But when I sit and ponder over this question so asked by many, I realise that there are many factors that are actually common to both. Here are a few things that come to my mind….do comment and add on anything else that you can think of.

  1. tasteTaste: Though presentation is an important factor but taste is the most vital of all things to food. A great tasting dish is a winner. So is it in fashion. Most people like to dress up but a tastefully dressed person would never go unnoticed. Just like masalas or ingredients are to food, fabrics and accessories are to dressing up. What you do with them is what makes you a winner.
  1. thaali color combinationColour Combinations : When it comes to clothes, we like to team up dark with light. Similarly, in food, the colour combination is appealing to the eyes. So in food don’t we combine dark and light ? For instance rice with a curry, breads with some sabzi.
  1. presentationPresentation : It is an extremely important factor. Food well presented appeals to the consumer and probably boosts up the appetite too. A well dressed person makes himself / herself far more presentable in the eye of the onlooker / observer thus making an impact / an impression.
  1. color combinationColours : All colours have their own qualities whether in food or in fashion. They say one must eat 5 fruits / vegetables of different colours in a day as each has its unique quality. So is the case with colours in clothes. Every colour has its uniqueness – for eg, yellow symbolizes cheer, optimism, energy; blue is associated with depth and stability – it is beneficial to mind and body; pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. In food, green items are powerful detoxers, improve the immune system, fight free radicals. Red improves heart and blood health and supports joints. Orange prevents cancer and promotes collagen growth.
  1. rakhi mehraCategories : In fashion, the broad categories are casual, semi formal, formal and party. In food, it would be street food / vans, regular restaurants, fast food, fine dine and lounge / pubs. Depending on where you’re going to eat, you most often think (though not necessarily) of appropriate clothing. When you go out to eat golgappas, dress would be casual, lunching with friends or family could be casual or semi formal, fine dining would be formal and party (pubs or lounge) is smart.
  1. table settingAll Set : A well laid out table comprises of mats, napkins, runners, good cutlery, candle stands and flowers and you’re all set to eat. Add to that an impeccably dressed person wearing well co-ordinated clothes, accessories and footwear. Wouldn’t that be candy to the eyes?

Rakhi Mehra

Editor: As Rakhi more than hinted, she is a foodie and is an active member of Indian Food Freak’s associated Facebook food group “Gurgaon Food Freak” – her wonderful analogies drawn between fashion & food made it a “must” for us to publish her views.

Rakhi Mehra (2)Rakhi Mehra is a designer and fashion consultant who lives in Delhi and has a decade long experience of working with leading lights of the fashion industry such as Bonny Hazuria, Ritu Kumar and Vidhi Singhania. In 2012, she launched her own label under her own name through which she entered the world of exquisite evening wear sarees with coordinated accessories and since then, her creations have been showcased at fashion hot spots like Fiza, (a multi-brand store owned by Zarine Khan in Mumbai) and Cafe Di Ghent in Gurgaon. A lesser known fact about Rakhi is that she is also a model – some leading brands she has modelled for are Ritu Kumar, Nalli Sarees, Thangam Sarees, Women and Children Magazine and Mehar. She can be reached at

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