Licious Chef’s Table, Bangalore: It was meat-i-licious!

licious seafoodThe Irish proverb, ‘laughter is brightest when food is the best,’ came alive in the Slurp Cooking studio in Bangalore, when a group of foodies had a cook off organised by Licious, a company who has identified the need for food lovers to have fresh meat and poultry on their plates.

P_20151008_211151_1The smell of tender lambs, the sound of the skillet and the hustle bustle of the place was a testimony to the fact that food literally binds everyone together. Exuding energy and laughter was the Licious founder, Abhay Hanjura, who had a bad experience with buying meat and started the company with an aim to provide farm fresh meat to everyone across Bangalore.

P_20151008_211322_1The company has their own website,, where it sells everything from chicken, lamb and seafood to marinated meats at the customer’s doorstep. At the chef’s table, people not only got the experience to have succulent meat, but also got a chance to be creative with their cooking. The chicken periperi was an absolute joy with exactly the right amount of spice. The lamb tikka cooked to perfection by the chef’s present at the table and the chicken wings made things ideal for the evening.

4566666When asked why customers should choose Licious meat over our regular supermarket meat, Abhay Hanjura said, “At Licious we ensure that your order is high on optimum flavor and freshness, hand-cut by our expert butchers, securely packed, and delivered in 90 minutes—fresh, to your door. Licious aims at being the first and the last resort for all of your meat cravings – be it fresh juicy tender chicken, succulent lamb chops or fresh from the sea, fish.

The Licious team has set their eyes on just one mission – ‘putting a smile on your face by giving you nothing but the best, from farm to fork!”

P_20151008_212206Going by the luscious chicken wings and the absolutely delightful chicken periperi, I would say I agree with him. The meat was not only tender and soft, but it was hardly taking any time for them to cook it and the taste was starkly different from the store bought meat. When asked what motivated the founders (Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta) to start the business, they said, “We never wanted to build a meat ‘delivery’ platform. Both of us (Vivek and Abhay), were comfortable in our niche jobs. It was our shared passion for great food, especially meat, that made us realise that there was a huge gap and therein an opportunity in building a world-class consumer brand that focuses on both hygiene and quality.”

While the company is still in its nascent stage, very soon the dedicated team wants to spread their wings to Delhi and other parts of the country.

Licious Phone number: 1800 419 0786

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