Philips Soup Maker: Worth A Buy?

philips_soup_maker_1Philips’ last launch in India was of the Air Fryer which revolutionized the industry. No one knew that it would become such a craze that many other companies would follow suit and offer similar (copied) products for the health conscious users. Now Philips has struck again and launched the Soup Maker. Whether or not it will it be another blockbuster product in their portfolio only time will tell but I have the product and I am sharing below my experience of the same.

The Philips Soup Maker is a smart looking product in the shape of a stainless steel electric kettle that will fit in beautifully in any Indian Kitchen without occupying much space. After going through the operating instructions, I plan the first soup – a simple, tomato soup in the Philips Soup Maker.

The Philips Soup Maker has a simple 3 step process for making the soup:

  • Philips-soup maker 2Roughly cut tomatoes or any other ingredient for the soup and put them in the soup maker.
  • Pour water. Minimum and maximum water marks are depicted which can easily make 3-4 cups (1.2L) of soup in one go. However, if you want to make any more or less, either use the Philips Soup Maker again or make extra for your next meal.
  • Select type of soup – chunky or smooth. It has an inbuilt blender. The chunky option will not completely grind the veggies but will leave a bite. The good thing is that it has a manual grinder too that works efficiently even when the ingredients are hot unlike the normal mixers where chances of spillages are high.
  • Just press start and the soup will be ready within 12-15 min depending upon the type of soup that Philips Soup Maker automatically defines.

Did I miss anything in Philips Soup Maker?

philips soup maker 3Well, I can see that lot of thoughts have gone behind making the product. However, an electric timer and the written product options on the Soup Maker would have made it more convenient for the first time users. The body of the machine also gets super hot during the usage.


The maximum retail price of the model, Philips HR2201/81 990 W Hand Blender, is Rs. 9,990 but it is easily available on Flipkart for Rs. 7,990. 

Is it worth a buy ?

If you are a soup fanatic or are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, you must consider buying it. It does not require continuous stirring, facilitates preparation of a variety of soups, comes with a nice soup recipe booklet and most importantly, saves the trouble of washing multiple utensils including a mixer. It can make completely oil free soups too. However, if you prepare soup very infrequently or have maids to wash your utensils and are cramped for space in the kitchen, you may give it a miss.


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