Feasting on the fruits of the ocean: Blue Water Grille, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

Seafood basketI can live day in and day out on seafood alone. One sacrifice I have had to make living in Delhi has been to deprive myself of fresh fish and seafood. A visit to the Blue water grill at Rajouri Garden takes care of that. Because here lies a treasure trove of fish that still tastes of the ocean, and some wonderful dishes.

InteriorsNo wonder if you look at the pedigree. Blue Water Grille is an initiative of M.M Fisheries which is the biggest Sea food and poultry supplier to major Hotels, banquets and Restaurants in the country since 1964. I meet their Executive Chef S.M. Malhotra, a veteran chef with 35 years of experience in India’s best known hotel kitchens. He promises a most enjoyable lunch and I believe him.

Grilled Fish Tamarind SauceWe start with grilled fish in spicy tamarind sauce (Rs 410) which the chef says he has created to appeal to the local palate which craves for ‘chatpata’ food. And hot and sour it is, though in being so, it overshadows the delicate taste of the fresh fish. The next dish, piri piri fish (Rs 410) has red looking basa with the now popular South African rub. It is beautifully cooked and optimally spiced. Happiness!

Grilled fishThe seafood basket (Rs 525) has a basket made out of papads and has fried fish, prawn and squid in an indeterminate batter. I am told this is a popular beer snack. For me it is a bit too bland, and a bit overcooked. The next dish, grilled fish with butter garlic sauce (Rs 410), contrasts with the previous one. It is beautifully cooked and tastes amazing. The sauce pairs well with the freshest of fresh fish.

Singapore chilly crabSingapore chilly crab (Rs 395) arrives majestically on the table. It is nearly authentic, and tastes wow. I am immediately transported to the shacks of Clarke Quay. The black bean fish (Rs 410) tastes good, but grilled prawns in lemon butter disappoint. The prawns are over salted, and overcooked, and the sauce is somewhat inappropriate for the dish. Prawns in XO sauce (Rs 525) is the highlight of the evening. This dish is superb down to the last bite. Thai chicken curry (Rs 335) is well crafted, but as is the case with most of the Thai curries made in Delhi, its consistency is too thick and gluggy for me.

Butter ChickenThe restaurant has a strong Indian section and I am also served some dishes from it. Surmai tikka (Rs 410) is cooked right, though I would have preferred rawas as the fish. Butter Chicken (Rs 345) competent, and the delightful Dal Makhni (Rs 245) is redolent of the good old times where dals were real robust dals.

If you are a piscivore like me, or if you are in a fishy mood, a visit to Blue water grille is recommended. It is likely to be a memorable experience.

Ratings out of 5

Food: 4.0 | Ambiance: 3.5 | Service: 4.0 |Overall: 4.0

Meal for Two: Rs 1500 | Alcohol: Yes | Credit Card: Yes| Timing: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight| Address: J 2/12, Main Road, Opposite Pillar No 411, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi | Phone: +91 9310423340, +91 9310423331

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