Slice of italy, Pitampura, Delhi

[Rating: 2.5/5]
I love my Pizza and Pasta. On my last visit to KFC at Netaji Subhash Place metro station, I had noticed this new outlet of Slice of italy next to it. We decided to try it out. Having heard very little about Slice of italy, I was looking forward to it.

We reached the joint around dusk and could see glowing mosaic of colors on it’s signboard. This was a small restaurant with approximate seating capacity for 20 – 25 people. Interiors were nicely lit and well decorated. There were only two more tables occupied besides ours.

I could see 59 different types of Pizza and Pasta in the take away menu given to us besides 15 types of submarines. There were other items as well like Risoto, Calzones, Salads, Garlic Breads and Deserts. With options galore, we spent nearly 10 minutes going through the ingredients before finalizing the order.

I did try asking staff for some guidance but could not get much so ordered on my own instincts. We ordered for ‘Imperial’ Garlic Bread (Rs 79) which was served with Creamy Tomato/Chicago Dip. Among the Pizzas, we chose their Double size (Medium size) pizza called ‘Everyting on it’ (Rs 189) with 8 toppings on it having Garlic, Cilantro and Black Olives besides the usual. Pasta choice was simple, a ‘Single’ (small) portion of ‘Tomato & Basil’ (Rs 99) Pasta with Pomodoro sauce cooked in Sicilian style.

Imperial Garlic Bread
Tomato Basil Pasta

The garlic bread came first and we were pleasantly surprised by the long and soft buttery garlicky bread pieces that tasted fresh and the dip that came along added to the taste. Though, I didn’t like dip being served in a small styro-foam plate, but it was an enough indication for us that the outlet was more into delivery. Similarly the Pasta was served in a takeaway container. We took a bite and were hit by strong taste of basil and tomato in it. The sauce had become too sour to enjoy although the Fettuccine in it was nice and soft. Then, came the Pizza which looked inviting and smelled nice. Alas, that’s all it was. The toppings on it weren’t up to the mark. It had too much of tomatoes, the capsicum and other ingredients were bland which left a lot to be desired from the Pizza experience we wished for. I tried my best using chili flakes and black pepper to put some life into tasteless Pizza but we could succeed only that much.

I think the Slice of italy remained only a ‘slice’ of what Italy has offered the world in form of it’s cuisine. They will have to work upon improving the quality of their dishes to ensure a revisit.

Ratings out of 5
Food: 2.0, Ambiance: 3.0, Service: 2.5| Overall: 2.5

Meal for Two: Rs 500 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes 

Address: Netaji Subhash Palace Metro Station, Pitampura, New Delhi | Phone: 011-64700810

  1. My sister’s birthday got ruined because I ordered her birthday cake from Slice of Italy, Munirka/Vasant Vihar branch, New Delhi. Good for nothing these people are. Never order anything from Slice of Italy unless you want to ruin that evening and regret for life. I have had a very very bad experience and when I give them a fair feedback they tend to delete my posts from the facebook’s wall. This clearly shows about the practices they tend to follow, their morals and their ethics.. I won’t ever doubt if they haven’t heard anything about morals or ethics as they surprisingly don’t have any!!