Sly Granny, Khan Market, New Delhi

Sly Granny is the latest entrant in the Delhi food scene. Like its Bangalore counterpart the restaurant at Khan market has created quite a buzz among Delhites as it’s always full, at least during lunch hours.

Once you enter the restaurant, the first thing that you notice are the bright and cheerful posters on the wall. The decor poses a wonderful combination of classic yet colourful interior.

Coming to food, this was my third visit to the restaurant. The earlier two visits were mixed with a few hits and misses, so this time, we vested our trust on our steward’s suggestions, and we weren’t disappointed.

For starters we were served Deconstructed Cheese Toast, Calamari Fritto, Salmon Gravalax, Pork Ribs and Moroccon Chicken Flatbread. All the dishes served were excellent. The Calamari was not chewy and had the perfect texture.

The deconstructed cheese toast looked as good as it tasted. The flavour of the salmon gravalax was so fresh and the mustard and dill sauce complimented it well.

The Moroccon Chicken Flatbread had a perfect crunchy base and the roasted shallots lent a beautiful sweet aftertaste.

The Pork Ribs were perfectly succulent and tender. However, the sauce accompanying the pork ribs lacked in flavour completely. It tasted more like a tomato ketchup. And the feedback was immediately conveyed to the restaurant manager.

By this time we were quite full and satisfied yet we wanted to try out the mains. So again as per the suggestions from the staff we went for Black Pepper Salmon, Roast Chicken and Saffron Couscous. The Black Pepper Salmon is a must try. The fish was perfectly cooked and not overly seasoned, therefore, retaining it’s flavour completely. And it was perfect with the dill sour cream and potato and bean salad alongside.

The Roast Chicken was good, but the Saffron Couscous stood out for me. This is again a must try. I have never enjoyed a vegetarian dish so much. Personally it was the best dish of the day at Sly Granny. What a beautiful blend of flavours and texture. As I write this I am so craving for this dish.

Even though we were too full for anything more, we couldn’t have left the place without a sweet ending so upon his suggestion we were served a decadent Chocolate Lava Cake, how can you ever go wrong with that?

Overall, my third visit to Sly Granny was totally phenomenal both in terms of food and service. But I would suggest for you to make a prior reservation. And for me, I can’t wait to visit soon for the dessert which a friend recommended so highly.

– By Sharmistha Mukherjee Cheema

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