5 New-Age Appliances That Cost Less Than a Smartphone

There’s an overwhelming number of kitchen appliances on the market place today. With a plethora of use cases, these appliances make cooking easy and fun for every foodie. With the advancement technological innovations and localization, it has become simpler to own appliances that were once a thing of luxury. Today, there are several appliances that not only makes it easier for you to cook but, they also don’t cost a fortune.

The latest in kitchen appliances such as the dosa maker machine, vegetable purifier, microwave. Noodle and pasta maker, and more cost less than what you would shell out for a smartphone.

Here’s a comprehensive list of new-age kitchen appliances that actually cost less than a smartphone!

Dosa Maker

For the lovers of South Indian cuisine, a dosa maker machine can be a boon in the kitchen. With this appliance, you can cook a range of delicious dosas, chillas and even crepes. The appliance costs way less than a smartphone and is a worthy addition to a modern kitchen. KENT, a reliable healthcare brand in India, has launched its range of smart home appliances. Chila and Dosa Maker by KENT is a state-of-the-art appliance which lets you cook your favorite dishes without oil. Making dosas with KENT’s Chila and Dosa Maker is instantaneous. Save time, and save money!

Retails @ INR 2,900

Vegetable Purifier

Nowadays, the amount of pesticides present in fruits and vegetables have increased. The contamination in the fruits and vegetables is harmful to human body and can make us extremely sick. As a result, it becomes essential to clean them thoroughly, but, rinsing them with water is just not enough. Water alone cannot get remove these harmful chemicals, and that is why we need a robust solution. A vegetable purifier uses ozone mixed in water to kill microbes and remove the traces of pesticides from fruits and vegetables. For all the health-conscious people, this appliance must be a part of their other counter appliances.

Retails @ INR 7,000

Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple food across the Indian subcontinent and is known for providing essential nutrients such as carbohydrates and starch. A rice cooker makes it seamless to cook rice and steam other fruits. It is usually done with just one click, and being a modern appliance, some manufacturers equip their rice cookers with presets that can keep your food warm after cooking! A modern kitchen appliance must have a modern design, and one such rice cooker is from KENT which can be used to serve food as is, in the same container. You can even steam vegetables and cook dalia, and use the delay time preset to your advantage!

Retails @ INR 5,900

Cold Pressed Juicer

It does not matter if you are a fitness freak or not; cold pressed juicers are a new thing, and they are making juices even healthier. A cold pressed juicer uses low RPM motor to its advantage and extracts juice using a hydraulic press. It crushes and presses the fruits and vegetables for a higher yield and contains more nutrients than a conventional centrifugal juicer. It is a must buy for people who want to start a juicing diet, or who are looking for a detox.

Retails @ INR 15,000

Atta Maker

Atta Maker is exactly what it means,an appliance for kneading the dough. An essential for the modern kitchen, it kneads dough and makes it easier to cook chapattis and other flat bread. Alternatively, you can make pooris, parathas and even bread using an Atta Maker. If you are not so apt with kneading the dough, but you like those fluffy chapattis, then Atta Maker will serve your needs well. KENT’s Atta Maker can do more than just knead the dough. A healthcare brand, their experience in home appliances has led them to experiment and innovate with technology. With KENT’s Atta Maker you can make jams, pizza dough, rice wine, yogurt and more from its 19-preset menu. It also retails less than what you would pay for a smartphone!

Retails @ INR 11,000

Kitchen appliances have come a long way since a decade, and the rapid innovation in technology has made it easy for masses to own these devices. They not only make cooking easy, but are also fun and assist you in every sense. These appliances definitely don’t cost a fortune and are a must-buy for every modern kitchen.

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