The Ultimate Love Triangle – Sundays, Cricket Matches & Dunkin Donuts

What do cricket matches and Sundays have in common? The unlikely answer is Dunkin Donuts! Yup, I discovered this love triangle on a lazy Sunday afternoon when we shelved all plans to venture out and instead enjoy two exciting cricket matches India vs Pak (Women’s World Cup) and India vs West Indies back to back.

A leisurely lunch called out promptly for some dessert to satiate my sweet tooth. So, the #GoNutsWithDonuts offer with Classic Range of Donuts for just Rs 49 (Cinnamon, Cutie Fruity, Classic Glazed, Jelly and Chocolate Frosted) was availed and I settled down to watch the matches with the huge box of Donuts on my lap. Surely, what else do you need in life?

So, who won the match? The evergreen classic flavour of the Classic Glazed Donut won the Man of the Match Award, hands down! Its magical combination with hot coffee was utterly and completely blissful in the monsoon season.

The Jelly Filled Donut took me on a nostalgia trip and reminded me of my childhood favourite – bread jam. With just one bite I savoured the soft donut filled with raspberry jelly and was instantly in heaven. Cutie Fruity Donut keeps you hooked with its myriad of subtle flavours. Chocolate Frosted was exactly what it promised – the chocolate frosting dribbled down and it was finger-licking good.

I loved almost all of them except the cinnamon flavoured donut. I have eaten better cinnamon donuts than this, but even then it’s not that bad. It’s just that the other flavours are too good and hence the Cinnamon Flavoured Donut paled in comparison.

Overall, full paisa vasool offer from Dunkin Donut. Surely I will be ordering donuts more often now 🙂

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