Usha Nutripress Cold Press Juicer: Healthy Life

usha juicerThese days rainbow of juice bottles can be seen at super market and various food festivals that keep happening across the city. These cold press juices are significantly expensive compared to juices extracted using the traditional method. Costing upwards of Rs150 per 250ml, these bottled juices can be stored for 2-4 days without any additives. I know of many people who have subscribed to the bottled cold press juices delivered to them every morning. However the fun of making them at home and drinking fresh just out of the juicer is not only more refreshing but a much cheaper option too.

I visited Usha International Ltd office at Gurgaon as part of the bloggers meet to see the functionality of its newly launched Usha NutriPress Cold Press Juicer. So before even we get into the features of this juicer, we should understand how Cold Press Juicer differs to the Traditional Centrifugal Juicer.

The spinning blades of traditional centrifugal juicers expose fruit and vegetables to heat and oxygen, both of which degrade nutrients. Most store-bought juice has been pasteurized, which also involves heat. But cold-pressed juice is squeezed through an auger, meaning there is no heat (and thus the juice is “cold” pressed). Cold Press Juicers extract juices in the most natural way, squeezing and pressing the ingredients, at low temperature (65 RPM) to retain nutrients, instead of high speed grinding of centrifugal juicers. Experts claim that this process ensures that you get the highest quality of taste and nutrition, retaining as much vitamins, enzymes, and trace minerals. Studies are still on to confirm if such juices are necessarily better than the juices extracted the traditional way, I would come to the features of Usha NutriPress Cold Press Juicer.


–          It is easy to handle and clean. After making the juice just put a glass of water in the juicer, and it will clean itself.

usha juicer 1.png–          Usha NutriPress Cold Press Juicer comes with 3 different filters – Fine Fliter, Coarse Filter and Frozen dessert filter. This means that you not only can make juices out of fruits, juices from vegetables, nuts etc is also possible including making frozen desserts.

–          It is great for lactogen intolerant people as it can make nuts milk from Cashew, Almonds, Walnuts etc. I cannot comment as to how effectively it can be made, as it was not part of the demonstration.

–          There is no need to take out any seeds from fruits like watermelon, oranges etc. The same will get extracted through the pulp and they do not mix with the juice.

–          If the fruits or veggies get struck, the machine has an option of making the blades revolve in opposite direction too

–          It is claimed that the machine yields more juice than possible through traditional juicers. Since there was no comparison done by putting the similar quantity of fruits in a traditional juicer, I cannot revalidate this claim. I have gone through lot of material available on internet, and they do substantiate this claim.

–          We even found the taste to be better, however this can definitely be said only when the same fruits are used side by side with a conventional juicer and tasted at the same time. This was not the part of this demonstration.

–          We tasted the frozen mango dessert and grapes juice. It was excellent.

Juicer pour is currently more convenient for right handed people as the easy pourer is only on one side. We have shared our feedback and hopefully the product team will make a note.

Ofcourse all these benefits come for a price. Usha NutriPress Cold Press Juicers are available in 2 models for Rs27990 and Rs20990. The product that comes with 5 year warranty on the motor and 2 year on the product is currently available only at but will soon be available in the modern retail stores.


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