Biryani by Kilo, Gurgaon: Biryani, Kebabs & More

Biryani with salan and curdBiryani is a complete meal in itself, and with the lovely flavors and aroma, it is a preferred choice for house parties after heavy snacks and also is a good option for those dining out. Till few years ago there was no better option to order biryani other than by Viva Hyderabad or Deez (if you call these options even worth considering), however the situation is much better now. We have many home chefs who do a great biryani (Gul’s Kitchen and My Kitchen are amazing), apart from Biryani Blues. The only issue with ordering from home chefs is that one has to plan in advance and you cannot do much for the unexpected cravings or the unexpected guests.

Biryani PackingOn one of such occasions, I tried Biryani by Kilo. The ordering system is excellent. With just a phone call they asked me for my spice level preference, and immediately an SMS confirming the order was sent. At the time of its dispatch, another message was received with the contact details of the delivery boy, and the food arrived hot and neatly packed in an earthen handi within the scheduled time.

Chicken KormaThe visual presentation of the serving handi is very impressive and it is served on a small earthern top where 3 small candles ensure the food is kept warm. The lid is well sealed with aata that has become hard but makes it a bit difficult to open. However the efforts are worth it. The lid opens to a piquant fresh biryani out of the pot which is well served with nice salan and raita. The succulent and tender mutton pieces are well layered with rice in the Gosht Lucknawi biryani (Rs750), and chicken is well spiced in Murg Hyderabadi biryani (Rs 650). Since I have ordered for a spicy variant, I found both the biryanis to be low on heat variant, especially the Hyderabadi one which is usually made that way. Thanks to the half chicken korma (Rs325), that helps to spice up and enhance the flavors for my guests and me to enjoy the biryanis.

Galauti KebabI am very regular to Lucknow and love the well made galaoutis. These galaoutis, if not better, are certainly amongst the best you’ll find anywhere in Gurgaon. 250gms of mutton galaoutis (Rs 325) had 6 pieces of soft and melt-in-the-mouth galaoutis, served with ulte tawa ke parantha (Rs 20). Next time give Tundey a miss and try these. Galaouti by Biryani by Kilo is also a tad cheaper than Tundey.

We end our meal with the cold, thick and aptly sweetened matka phirni (Rs200). Biryani by Kilo has certainly come a long way in its journey to serve decent biryanis and now I won’t be starved for choice for my unexpected guests.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Food: 3.5 | Service: 4.5 | Ambience: NA | Presentation: 4.0 | Overall: 4.0

Address: Only Home Delivery | Phone Number: 95552-12212


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