Mumbai Matinee, Sector 18, Noida: Neither Here Nor There

Grilled FishMovies and food are the two top source of entertainment for any Indian. And what shall come through if both these were to come together, was the first thought that crossed my mind on getting an invitation to review “Mumbai Matinee”, a new cafe at Sector 18,  Noida. As the name goes, I was told that the eatery serves selected dishes from various cuisines and has a setting that shall transcend one into bollywood’s glorious retro past.

Salt Pepper HolderI was initiated into setting of Bollywood right from the steep flight of stairs that leads to the joint located on first floor. I found the interiors to be in line with my expectation. With a bright red background the walls were adorned with various frames of movie posters. The posters included the famous movies starting right from black and white era. A wall was dedicated to the erstwhile famous artists talking about their life and work. The gramophone in a corner of this small outlet and roof done up with LP records added to the setting.

Menue Card 2The menu at Mumbai Matinee extends choices ranging from wraps to foot long; from sandwiches and burgers to Risotto; from Pastas grilled stuff in main course. Also has some offerings under Mumbai Matinee Special like Bun Makhan with Cutting Chai (Rs 75) Keema Kulcha and Shawarma.

The drinks menu apart from hot and cold, smoothies and milk shakes also has jaljeera, nimboo pani and bournvita offer. Was amazed to see Roohafza on menu card for the first time at any joint.

Chicken SteakWe requested for Grilled Fish with Lemon Buter Sauce (Rs 475) and Chicken Steak (Rs 475). While the fish was succulent and baked to perfection, the sauce dampened the taste. It was over salted and living up to its element, additional salt overpowered all other flavors.

A well plated good portion of chicken steak topped up with sauce looked very tempting. The generous barbeque sauce was very good and the chicken tasted very good. However, as the thinner sides got devoured, the chicken started to become chewy. The thicker portions of steak had not got grilled completely that left a leathery taste in mouth.

Cold CoffeeWe also requested for Frappe (Rs 95) and Mumbai Matinee Special Nimboo Paani (Rs 55). The frappe shall be a delight for all who prefer a strong and bitter taste.

The cafe is run by a young couple who are food enthusiast themselves and wish to do something different in this sphere. We wish them all the best but It seems it shall take them some time to understand the nuances of this complex business.

Ratings out of 5

Food: 2.5 | Ambiance: 4.0 | Service: 3.0 |Overall: 3.0

Meal for Two: Rs 1200 | Alcohol: No | Credit Card: Yes| Timing: 12:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Address: Mumbai Matinee, J 19, First Floor, Sector 18, Noida 201301 |Phone: 0120 4201686

Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. Due judgment and care has been applied by the author to remain objective and unbiased in the review, but readers need to consider this review keeping this fact in mind.

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