Chef’s Basket, Mumbai: Foodie Kits in a box

PackI was planning my vacation to Mumbai when I got a mail from a Mumbai based company Chef’s Basket who wanted me to try their pack of veg burritos. Sure enough, when I reached my sister’s place in Mumbai, an attractive pack was waiting for me to try out.Other packs

With a noble mission to enable foodies to dish out good food, Chef’s Basket, a company promoted by IIT Mumbai alumni has come out with their All-You-Need Recipe Kits in Mumbai. These kits consist of all the ingredients in the measured portion sizes required to cook the dish with 6 other options, apart from the Burrito pack I already had.

Burrito-001So yes I did have to work hard for about half an hour but the effort was worth it. The magical salsa and the chilly garlic mushrooms stir fried I made following the recipe gave the dish a good punch. So yes, the family loved it, and my reputation as a good cook was retained.

So yes, the product is good and the pricing reasonable. Can be tried!

  1. Are these available in retail outlets? Definitely sounds like something I would like to try out.