Kozhukatta {Recipe}

A steamed dish made of rice flour and filled with usually a mixture of sweetened grated coconut. 1174580_10152086267632984_6498228658443417577_nIt is familiar to all as the modak served during Ganesh Chaturthi. In Kerala it is commonly served as a snack or during breakfast and is one of the dishes served during Easter. Whenever my mom made iddiappams and there was left over rice dough..we would be served kozhukattas as a method of using up the dough. Waste not, want not being the motto!


Fine rice flour, 2 cups
Grated coconut, approx 2 cups
Jaggery syrup,  made from 1 cup of grated jaggery (can substitute with sugar)
Cardamom powder, 1/4tsp [optional}
Dry ginger powder, ¼ tsp{optional


Boil 2 cups of water. Add the rice flour to this to make a smooth dough. Let it rest a bit and once cooled you can used greased hands to knead out the dough.
Add the jaggery to about a cup of  warm water  and strain to remove impurities.

Heat the syrup and reduce it to a thicker consistency, add the grated coconut to this and keep heating till the mixture is almost dry. You can flavour it with crushed cardamom, and dry ginger powder. You can also add cashews and raisins roasted in a little ghee if you want.
With greased hands pinch out a ball of the dough and make a depression to add about a tablespoon or so of the filling. Cover up the filling to make a smooth ball. Continue till you finish up the dough and filling.

The kozhukattais are steamed in an idli steamer for about 10 to 15 mins.

They are lovely when served hot.

– Courtesy Annie Alexander

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