Dude Food to Launch in Delhi soon

The saviors of unpretentious taste have arrived & the battle lines are drawn with cheese.

Dude Food promises to eradicate the political correctness from Delhi’s food scene.Everything on the menu is deliciously honest & will surely offend some anorexic & ‘balanced’ critics, paranoid by the calorie count. The food is straight from the heart, inspired by the dark abyss of gluttony.The offerings so sinful & delightful, that we are sure the government will fancy banning us soon.

The team comprises of professionals, obsessed with creating soul satisfying portions of culinary concoctions, & undoubtedly, have no regards for moderation or decency. From the dude-sized sandwiches & burgers, with enough goodies to satiate Chuck Norris, to the creamy smoothies & thick shakes potent enough to hypnotize you into a guilty submission every time you are in the radius.We are guilty as charged.

Now for the best part for the foodgod-seeking-perpetually-hungry foodies, sharpen your teeth & prepare your appetite, the first outlet will debut in Jan of 2014, in the heart of South Delhi at Satya Niketan, & soon after will thow open its door at 5 other locations in the following 24 months

A word of advice for our future patrons- You might not wanna disclose this place to your mommy or pesky girl/boy friend(s).

Come. Taste Awesomeness.

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