Learning Wines & Spirits @ WSET-II by Tulleeho

DSC08540It was a sheer coincidence that I met Vikram Achanta, Founder of Tulleeho, at a wine launch event being hosted at US Embassy. We were meeting after almost half a decade and next few minutes we ended up discussing about the growing importance of wine knowledge in the social circuit. It is as important for a hotelier as much for a discerning customer. As a blogger, I get invited to many events and though I have done some basic courses but I still feel need to do an advanced course.

This is where he suggested me going for the WSET-II course which is conducted by Wine and Spirit Education Trust of UK and how Tulleeho is one of the very few authorised to conduct training in India. And finally I had something that I long wanted to do but wasn’t aware where I could do it.

WSET conducts 3 levels in India. Level 1 is a one day program for beginners and good for anyone who wants to know the basics of wine and tasting. This program is priced at Rs 9000/-

DSC08539WSET-II is a 4 day program with most focus on wines preparation, geography, grapes and tasting with a basic framework on spirits including liquors. We must have tasted almost 40 varieties of wines, champagne, liquors, whisky, gin, vodka etc and each ranged from one spectrum to another with some wines as expensive as Rs7000 per bottle. The course costs Rs25000/- + Taxes and initially sounded steep but post conducting the session I realised  that it included all text books, exam fees, training, tea-coffee-snacks and most importantly all the alcohol. At this cost it was very nominally charged, in my opinion. If one is to spend lakhs of rupees enjoying wines and spirits in his lifetime than it is better to spend a small amount to appreciate them too. Here are the course module that we covered in detail:

  • Wine Tasting
  • Wine Storage
  • DSC08537Food & Wine Pairing
  • Factors Influencing the style, quality & price of wine
  • Chardonnay & Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Sauvignon Blanc
  • Syrah, Grenache & Riesling, and Other Grape Varieties
  • Sparkling & Sweet Wines
  • Fortified Wines, Spirits & Liqueurs

Rohan Jelkie, our trainer was superb with his course delivery and made even difficult sounding subjects easy and fun. Luckily, no one got drunk. Only difficult part was to tell people that I am studying while they thought I have been drinking since morning for the last 4 days 🙂

I may not be the right fit for level 3 that is a 6 day course costing Rs75K, since it is meant for more serious hoteliers, but as a customer one should look at level 1 & level 2.

PS: For more details, please email at chanty@tulleeho.com, call @ 98101-08644 or explore http://www.tulleeho.com/wineacademy/

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