[Press Release] The Delhi street food festival kicks off at Veda, Mumbai- ‘Bring the Dil of Dilli’

What: Delhi Food Festival.

Where: VEDA, Palladium, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The Delhi street food festival kicks off at Veda- ‘Bring the Dil of Dilli’

Gear up to indulge in some amazing gastronomical delights at VEDA, delving into its Delhi background, VEDA at the Palladium is hosting an authentic Delhi Food Festival called ‘Bring the Dil of Dilli’.  This festival will provide the perfect platform for Mumbaikars to gorge on some of the best street food from Delhi without ever leaving their city.  This unique food festival will provide a plethora of traditional dishes like Lacha Tokri, Chola Bhatura, Papdi Chaat, and many more which are made under very hygienic conditions and presented in VEDA’s signature style.

Originally from Delhi, VEDA started in Mumbai over 5 years ago.  With its roots in Delhi, VEDA is the best place to sample original, authentic Delhi street food in Mumbai.  The main concept of this festival is to promote these traditional flavors which are fading with the fast food culture. The stylish décor is also the perfect backdrop for enjoying these traditional flavors. 

A brainchild of Alok Aggarwal & Rohit Bal, this restaurant exemplifies everything that is grand, luxurious and majestic. This duo’s respective expertise is definitely reflected through VEDA. With Rohit’s deep understanding of fashion and design and Alok’s entrepreneurial skill and knowledge, this collaboration has already jump started VEDA on the path of success.

The USP of this menu is that it focuses on presenting you with delicacies from all over the country be it the favorites from the Coastal South or the rich dishes of the North West Frontier or even the delicately flavorful Eastern specialties. India is truly an amalgamation of cultures and the Delhi Street Food Festival aims at showcasing India on a glorious platter.

VEDA represents the essence of the entire country. Vedic Culture dates back to 5000 B.C and the very name of the restaurant symbolizes our rich heritage.  Similarly, the new menu takes an essence of each part of India in the form of grasses, flowers, herbs and adds the elements to create a magical WOW dining experience.


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